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        For 13 years my wife and I have gone to adult theaters, adult arcades, swing clubs and hosted gang bangs at our house, regularly. My wife has had sex with over 7000 different men, most all of them bareback.

        What are your wife’s stats?

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          If you do the math that comes out to 1.5 different men every single day of your lives for the past 13 years. I can’t even imagine how logistically that’s even possible. How do you manage to find almost 2 new guys every single day for 13 years straight? Do you have a group of recruiters out there who are constantly in the bars to make sure 2 different guys show up to your house every day? That’s got to be some sort of record. Either you’re completely delusional or you should call Guinness!

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            Again, we go to adult theaters, adult arcades, swing clubs and host gang bangs at our house, regularly. When we go to the adult theater, my wife gets fucked by anywhere from 8-20 guys each time. Usually at the arcade she can get fucked by at least 10 guys each time. At our local swing club, she usually gets fucked by at least 5-6 guys.

            So, if you think about it, We go to the adult arcade on a Friday night. She gets fucked by 8 guys. The we go to the theater on Saturday night and she gets fucked by maybe 10 guys. That’s 18 guys in two days. Then we have our gang bang on Sunday morning with 6-8 guys. That’s at least 24 guys in three days.

            Even if we only played those three nights every week, she would still get fucked by at least 20 guys, minimum. Times that by 52 weeks. That’s 1040 guys that have fucked and cum in my wife.

            We got to the theater and the arcade at least once a week, every week, always have. And we go to the swing club at least once a week. And we have our gang bangs every Sunday, always have – always will. So, my wife gets fucked by an average of 20 guys a week. Yes, some are repeats. But when you look at it this way, it’s not to hard to believe.

            And we have found, throughout the years, that guys find that hard to believe . . . until they experience it for themselves.

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              Michael como

                I’m not sorry to say, that’s bullshit. 7000 men ???????????. When married and swinging for 14 years, we were very active, both of us were horny folks. I say she fucked about 19 and out of that, 7 were constant repeats, so the same guy for 3 or 4 times. Let’s get real on this page. There is enough real swinging going on to make up JO stories.

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                    19 men in 14 yrs doesn’t sound very active to me. I guess active is a relative term, considering that we had 14 men join us on our wedding night.

                    We get tested regularly. And I am a very good judge of character. Some might say we’ve been lucky. And maybe we have. But my wife doesn’t lubricate naturally. So, condoms make her raw. We prefer natural lube.

                    We’re fortunate enough to live in a very sex positive city, with a lot of sexual opportunities. We live here for a reason.

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                  With most of them bareback, I have to wonder how do you deal with STDs? Do you get checked? Are you HSV2 (genital Herpes) or HIV positive?

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                    With on average 1% if the population infected with an STD it comes down to 70 times sex with an infected male.
                    Let’s assume that there is a 50% chance of bare sex that comes down to 35 infections in 13 years. So roughly 3 trips to the doctor a year.

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                      You have a lovely wife but I would not do her without a condom.

                      When I researched Herpes, 80% of people over 65 had Herpes 1 (HSV1 = cold sores) and 40% had Herpes 2 (HSV 2 = genital herpes). You don’t need an outbreak to be infectious. You are infectious about 33% of the time. That is about 13% chance of getting an incurable disease. Doctors don’t get upset about Herpes 1/2 because it is “only a rash” and many don’t get the painful rashes. However, there is some evidence of it possibly contributing to cancer. Still, many don’t consider it to be serious STD.

                      I don’t know then numbers for HIV which is deadlier but that just adds to the %. You are at a much higher chance of infection “for something” than 1%.

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                        Tinder is the bomb. My wife has found 10 hot lovers this year. All very good and rewarding experiences

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                          4 guys in 3 years. Only 1.5 with intercourse. The 0,5 blew his load in seconds, rest oral with me watching or helping.

                          Finding men who can perform isn’t easy.

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                            I’ve found it difficult to find a lover who meets all my personal preferences and is not someone who would just be another dick. I can get it every night at home if he wants to get down, so I’m still particular. My husband definitely has plenty of length and girth, so I don’t need to take any steps backward. I’ve done a couple “sympathy” lays but going in with expectations too high can diminish the experience. If a lover feels self-conscious about my husband being too close or in the same room there’s nothing wrong with making some adjustments so we both get the most out of it, but if a guy thinks he’s the boss or wants to play the humiliation or degrading game, I’d not be the woman for it. Doing fluff, guiding a cock into me or some kind of clean-up would be up to him. He just enjoys me getting all I can in depth and pleasure. I hate condoms so I am VERY careful and there are always a lot of questions. After all that and then having a lover actually be able to get rock hard and perform with true interest makes what we have experienced sometimes more work that I want to deal with. You’d be surprised the number of men who just think it’s just all about free, low-effort sex. Blah!

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                              I to find these numbers difficult to believe.

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                                well, if you are accepting to this then that should be mostly her business. I was married to such a woman for 5 years and another for 10. I think one had maybe 2 or 3 and the one that really trained me had about 10 but only 3 or 4 at a time and would replace one as time progressed. She would tell me about them but not in any kind of detail. I enjoyed the mystery of it all but it seemed that she would only have sex with me after she had been with someone else. I can tell when a woman has recently had sex and it seemed that this was always the case besides the fact that she had certain words to tell me when she had been with someone. Of course she told me that she had to have sex at least 3 times a day and if I could not keep up then she could take care of it. Maybe she did someone strange every now and then. Seemed like that was reserved for men in uniform. But I never asked her about it since she wanted to be the one to brag about it.

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                                  Sharing “numbers” have been a bit of taboo in our marriage. My wife is my number 14 and after down years she shared her number was about 6 to 8.
                                  I think it was lowered a bit since we met when she was 26 and has had an active life among local musicians…

                                  During our marriage she has been with 3 men vaginal and two more oral plus 3 women. I had increased my number with two women (both part of foursomes)

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                                  Dan and Debi

                                    28 in 32 years for my wife.

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                                      Don and Renee

                                        Honestly, my wife has had about 2 dozen, which I thought was quite a lot. 7k, wow! Many of Renee’s were repeat lovers, so her tight little body has experienced some cock to be sure.

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                                          My wife has been with 17 different guys since she cucked me. 5 of them were regular or semi regular bulls. The rest were one night stands. Every one of them fucked her bare and filled her up.

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                                            My wife is my first and only marriage now over 34 years. She was Married right out of High School for 4 years. When she divorced her first she went on a fucking spree in under 4 years time fucked 24 other men. Yes when we meet I didn’t any secrets so we each had made a list of who we fucked. My list was 18 different woman Since we have been married I have not added any women to my list but she has added over 21 other men. A few she had seen multiple times one guy for over 4 years. Making her total man count over 55, that I know of. Of the 21 men who fucked her since we have been married I have eaten the cum of 18 of them from her pussy, face, or tits.

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                                              More than 80 men

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                                                Oha my wife had in 17 years 8 Longtime Lovers and 3 ONS as a result of going out frivolously in some night clubs

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                                                  Wife is now 72–what started as bedroom talk became reality at about at age 65. Quite a learning curve–I shopped for men and she became what lots of men want–a Sunday school teacher on Sunday’s and a Saturday night slut.In the past seven years she has had about 75 men, many of them more than once. I fell into the lifestyle with glee, and love to see her fucked and fucking.Still attractive for her age, before covid she was about 112 lbs and five ft—now down to 90 lbs. Way too thin, but loves to play and fuck. We are n the hill country near Austin if you are interested. When married she was playing the piano for a rural church. Not into humiliation act.Pics are before covid

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                                                    My wife and I were married a little over ten years ago. Over the last 9 years, she has experienced a number of new and different cocks. But when we met, I had been just her second. This journey of ours, started a little over a year after we were married, in Las Vegas of all places. On our first night there, I had the pleasure of watching her enjoy her first new cock after mine, when my best friend from college, lost his room card key. We are still best of friends, and my wife still enjoys Neil’s cock, 4 or 5 times a year. Over the years she has added 19 guys and 1, long kinda thin, but very functional, TS to the list. For a total of 21cocks after mine, for grand total of 23 real cocks in all.

                                                    We don’t have a BBC fetish, but she enjoys all shapes and sizes of cocks. Oh, and colors too! That said, the largest cock she’s enjoyed belonged to a young, 1/2 black 1/2 Brazilian, fireman/EMT. Ben was well over 10″, depending how you measure, and thicker than a Red Bull can (we checked).

                                                    We have seen him a number of times, on a irregular bases, over the last 4½ years.

                                                    And, if your interested, the smallest was a new neighbor of ours. Who we had just met 6 weeks earlier, when he and his wife moved in next door. One night, he ended up at our door, drunk and crying. His wife had just left him, earlier that night. We took him in, and in our effort to console, comfort and care for our new friend, he snorted some coke. Soon after, he confided to my wife, ‘that although, he loved his wife, he was always insecure and jealous of other men, because he felt he had really married up, especially in the looks department. And really, he was lucky to have any woman at all’.

                                                    To wit, my wife responded, ‘that’s not true, she thought he was cute, very fun and super smart, a real catch.’ His response was something like, ‘if you only knew!’ After couple drinks and another line, along with some gentle prodding, he took her aside and whispered, ‘i never realized, it was really that small, until she told me that night.’ Eventually, my wife convinced him to show her, and she would show him her tits. Well, that led to our first DP, and the smallest cock, both soft and hard, she has every played with. Matt was just shy of a 1½ soft and a touch under 3″ hard. (On a side note he’s a bit chubby and caucasian, but also cute, funny and smart!)

                                                    It’s been interesting , and we have really enjoyed the experience from Neil to Ben to matt and everyone in between. We have been lucky that they every new cock she had, has been fun, some more than others. We’ll see what the future brings.

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                                                      In toatl she has seen 6 guys since we started meeting.

                                                      She meet a few at the start and then settled on a reg, who she meet in the UK for 3 years.
                                                      She also meet a few guys when visiting Thailand to see family. Once who she meets each time she travels back.

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                                                        My wife 42 yrs married played mmf because I am bi but never fucked
                                                        Last week was her first real big cock fuck
                                                        So I say one , fucked, three oral

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                                                          To Begin with I would like to say, a Gentleman should never ask the woman he has promised to love and cherish for the rest of his days, and to bear his children to answer honestly such a question when he, himself could most likely, never be capable of recalling or accurately answering that same question if she were to put it to him. Very few women i have known in my life would ever be so rude or impolite as to ever make it her business to inquire of her Knight in shinning armor. Some things a worthy woman would never do is to ask such a question.
                                                          That being said most of us may reasonably assume that more than one man has parted her thighs and gave her ample knowledge with which to judge your abilities in the Dance of life. If you gave her sufficient reason to agree to become your wife, thern it is implied that she has chosen wisely based on her own personal experience.

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                                                            Just two since I have been married.

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                                                                Did your husband enjoy the two times as much as you did?

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                                                                My wife has has 4 men since we’ve been playing

                                                                One was for 30 years – the other three in the last 3 years or so

                                                                Frankly we aren’t into collecting Bulls like a hobby, but engaging in quality sexual experiences and making very special friends

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                                                                  Not including me
                                                                  2 before we got together
                                                                  1 when were dating
                                                                  7 after we got married

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                                                                    We were both virgins when we married over 35 years ago. We had a decade of monogamy, but she had never had an orgasm. She wanted to try another man and I agreed to it. The FIRST time another man entered her she climaxed repeatedly. We were hooked on cuckoldry. She has now had 24 men since our wedding. One main lover since 2002. I am forbidden sex with her but the denial is exciting and she encourages me to masturbate.

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                                                                      Hello Good People,

                                                                      We are new to this forum but we have been to this lifestyle for last 3 years.

                                                                      Fortunately we have listed all the mens name and details just to track how satisfied my wife was with each of them.

                                                                      So far she had sex with 29 man altogether in last 3 years.

                                                                      Apart from these she had touched and kissed (no sex)more than 50 people on different occasions.

                                                                      Added a photo taken last while she was waiting for her bull.

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                                                                        Sorry previous one got posted without photo

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                                                                          Been married for 19yrs this month and she’s probably been with over 150guys since we’ve been married. Probably more. She used to see random guys all the time and now she has select few guys that she sees. She’s going to go see one of her guys this weekend and I can’t wait!

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                                                                            It is always exciting, and each time is so wonderful.

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                                                                              Four, but that number won’t be going up anytime soon since my wife, I think, is falling for her boyfriend.

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                                                                                Reading some of those Posts I am honestly doubting some statements… A professional, working women would be unable to reach that numbers mention in here.
                                                                                On the other hand why putting marks in your bedroom on how many – different – guys your wife had between her legs? In our case my wife prefers to have long time Lovers and yes with most of them, she had at least one night over the weekend. Concluding some 52 times /year. Take maybe 6 or 7 weekends off that, because she came down with her period on a weekend. Representing the minimum number my Wife fucked with her Lover. I am not counting the extended weekends where my wife stayed with her Lover for 2 nights or Monday holiday und my wife stayed for 3 night with her Lover.

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                                                                                  My wife and her current bull have been together over a year and are very much in love. He lives with us and everyone is very happy. My wife never ran a train on hundreds of men, etc. We have always been quality or quantity. So, we have only had very long term lovers over the years. However, this has resulted in additions to the family which we do not regret in the least.

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                                                                                    slightly over 100
                                                                                    among those men, over half of them don’t mind me (husband) joining in the sex with a cage, the others just want me to leave them alone. My wife is happy, and I don’t mind.

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