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        We are both interested in sex, she is 19 and has much more experience. Around 100 lovers since a 27 year old guy broke her in when she had turned 15. (Legal age in Sweden for sex) For modelling it´s 18. I´m 12 years older and is nowhere near her. 10 -15 perhaps.
        We sent in a letter that we were interested in modelling as amateurs. In my mind, me having sex with her. The agents were interested and had phoned my GF when I was at my work. I could see she was excited – aroused. “They didn´t say anything special” she lied. I could always tell when she was lying. I didn´t know why. They will ring again to talk to you. Then I was thinking, they must have talked about something to her. She was agreeing and it´s all up to what I say.
        First brief contact, the agent said there will be a couple of guys in reserve – if I or anyone should fail to function. He laughed as we were brothers.
        Phone rang, I felt as if it was them against me. I feel suddenly so helpless and its my small dick I blame. I cant compete or do anything to make my dick bigger. With this small dick, my self confidence is low. I feel I must fight to keep what´s mine. It´s hard with small dick.
        The guy talks for a while about what he was roughly wanting to see. The fact that the two reserves were having a threesome with my GF was only mentioned. I couldn´t see where or why I even had to come. I wasn´t included in this production.
        Cecilia said that you don´t have any problems with that.
        With what, I asked. I mean you feel it´s ok with her modelling with male models.
        I´m against that, I said with a lump in my throat. I felt I needed to cry! It´s a coincidence we have these guys here now. We want to use them while we can. His voice more convincing then before. Next time it´s you and two girls, he tried to sheer me up.
        Cecilia looked at me as if I was her father stopping her from having fun.
        It´s only sex for a couple of hours, she whispered. It made me feel so excluded, old and boring. Unfortunately I had to be handled.
        My GF was not on my side anymore, can´t know what they have agreed on. But she REALLY wants to do this. Please, she begs me.
        It´s against my old ways I have lived after, I said to her. You can go there, if you must. For me to hand you over and watch two guys enjoying you? And worse, you having orgasms! I feel strong sometimes. I have an open mind and feel strong. But if I´m weak I will hate myself for allowing it.
        The agents said we must both come. I had a role in the film now. I was having sex with my bored GF, leaving her unsatisfied and falling asleep.
        Then her dream of what she wants is materializing. Two well trained young men, anonymous in short hair and big muscles, big swelling cocks between their thighs.
        My throat had contracted and was bonedry. As I had guessed the unique thing with these two models were their massive huge cocks and being twins.
        Obviously they look forward to enjoying my GF. Their poles throbbing hard and she hasn´t even started touching them. Waves of jelousy and deep sorrow is blended with extrem lust. A revolution is burning inside me. I´m in another room but I can see what the camera sees. Cecilia is very, very horny. I have never seen her like that, but I know. Almost to excited and to wound up now. She is entirely theirs. One is lifting her up like she was a sex doll. He put his purple glans to her shy closed puss. It´s so thick and blunt and still no opening. She cries quietly, tears roll down. Her make up is smearing, The cock has opened her up now. Slowly she slides down on it. She can´t and wont stop it until she land on his penis root. Her vagina the lips, holding the pole, glued to it. She is wide open for him, watches as he returns, her eyes now open, staring unseeing.
        Her lust is taking control now, she becomes controlled by demons. It seem as she is pretending – but anyone can have her now. I have had very much stamina and fucked her for an hour. Certain to have seen her orgasm more than once. Still she wanted more. I almost gave her to my buddy that slept in a room next to our. Then I stopped myself, he would feel more of a man then me. It would be a sign of weakness. Luring all my unemployed friends to try while I´m at work.
        It was them and not me fulfilling her dream of two guys – or more. Of being handled and helplessly stuck on meat poles. The winding veins on his penis shaft were rubbing against her exposed clitoris and her sore pussy lips. Mm, never had a pussy this lubricated before. You love it don´t you? He smacked her hard on her butt. She is on all for, waiting patiently. I feel now I can see her again. Then she is invaded again..
        I´m both sad and bitter. It´s so unfair.. Maybe she is satisfied with me if we have sex again. I can never feel as I can do any difference anymore.
        At a meeting with the fathers to be. We were urged to ask the nurse. “Just ask, anything!” We sat in a ring, of course. I have a thing that seems taboo to ask, but still is interesting.
        It becomes my turn to ask. I wonder how much larger the vagina gets after giving birth? And please, I said, I know it is fantastic. It can become huge and then close. A t-shirt has a hole for the head. Around that hole there are bands that makes it flex back. But if I pull as hard as i can, it cant flex back. It has ruptured.
        No I didn´t get any answer, but all the rest of the fathers hated me for being so politically incorrect. “Why are you asking questions like that, when you are getting a child”
        I was disturbed by my penis worries before. Can suddenly feel sad and then flaccid. When getting bad flashes in my head, it´s like I´m punctured. I have never really had any flashes, well now I have to last me my life

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