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        Hello everybody, my name is John my wife’s name is Desiree and we’ve been married 9 years. She the most beautiful, kind hearted, sweet, innocent loving woman I’ve met and I’m madly in love with her. We’ve been going strong and getting stronger, now in the past I’ve fantasized about her with other men (exp. Her ex, her neighbor, coworker) and I would get off but feel very jealous. Well a while back she had a fling with a co-worker (my wife is bi and she was a female) and she brought her home to me and we played (I couldn’t penetrate her only foreplay) and had a great time, now fast forward a few years I start bringing up the thought of doing that with a man, shes interested but unsure. I buy her a couple dildos and role play the scenario of her with another man in bed, she would cream soooo hard. Finally I get her signed up on Tindr to play the field and see how she likes it, well that did the trick. The next day I’m at work and get a text asking if she can have a “friend” over, I replied yes and to have fun and take pics. she said thank you and I didnt hear from her the rest of the day. I get home from work and she’s not home, I call her she’s out with her sister for a late lunch and she says to “go lay on our bed daddy and relax I’ll be home soon” so I walk in the room and I smells of sex, the bed is made and there’s our video camera hooked up to the TV I walk over and see 3 used condoms in our trash I’m immediately hard. I lay down and press play and on the TV is my beautiful loving wife in a POV style angle sucking a dick in our room and I mean she’s sucking, hard, deepthroating him, slurping him up for a good 12-13 minutes of non stop sloppy head and he cums in her mouth, I grabbed myself and came instantly. So now I start to clean up but notice the video I still going so I wait, there she goes again, sucking him this time though after about 10min she climbs up him and starts riding him, hard multiple orgasms, rolls of he takes her from the back and pounds her senselessly for over 20min nonstop she screams and moans uncontrollably, well during this my sickminded self decided to pull his used condom out of the trash, slide it over my cock and stroke myself using his cum as lube and his condom he used to fuck my wife like a slut. Just as I’m about to cum he pulls out and rubs her asshole with his cock she looks back and nods her head, he starts working it in (shes only let me try a few times and says it’s too much) well after about min of loosening her up he’s now full on pounding her ass like a pornstar and she’s loving it, made her squirt a few times I couldn’t hold it anymore I came so hard. After she came home we talked and fucked and talked and fucked and I figured out she really loved it, wants to do it again, and says I may have unleashed a sexual deviant and to be careful. I’m so excited. That’s my first time true story just happened last week I’m at that point of arousal and jealousy real bad right now lol it’s going great

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          Nice story and congratulations! Sounds like you’ll be having hot times ahead with your hotwife. I wish I got a video like that! 🙂

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