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        April 6, 2024:
        My wife came home after a long weekend with her cousins. They arrived together and decided to stay for a day or two. Apparently, they know about me and about my wife’s boyfriend. Had my wife not told me that they knew everything I would never have guessed based upon their interaction with me. This is the part of woman that never ceases to amaze me. Not only did they know but were looing forward to meeting him. So, my wife tells me that this morning that Chris just got off work and wanted to come by.
        The second he came over they actually got up off the couch and greeted him with smiles and hugs. They looked him up and down and said “Damn!” You even look better in person. Everyone laughed… For the next few minute we all acted like we were just all good friends. He kept his hand off her at first, but they both went out on the patio. He kissed her on the lips, and they must have heard because they both looked over and smiled. My wife leaned into him and gazed into his eyes. And then they both walked back in trying to act “As if”
        No one gave me a second look. They didn’t look concerned when he kissed her, and they knew I had seen it. I could feel my dick begin to swell in my pants. He had to take off, but he is coming back later and I know what he is going to expect…

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        Cathy & Jerry

          Wonderful!!! I can’t say much more except congratulations. It appears that they are in love, do you feel that this is the case?

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            It’s so erotic when your wife can share her interaction with her boyfriend with others.

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              what a wonderfull setting

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                Thank you. Let me know if you want to read more. LOL

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                  Cathy & Jerry

                    Well of course we do Brian lol.

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                      I definitely want to read more! As I currently have to live vicariously through the stories of lucky guys such as yourself.

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                      I imagine that I would fail miserably in the struggle to conceal my growing cock in that scenario! Now if I could just get my wife to go on that first date, with that first lucky guy….

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