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      Cathy & Jerry

        Well my beautiful wife is on her way to meet her lover at a spa/resort that I paid for as a gift to the two of them (He has been away for his work for quite awhile). He sent her a text this morning (she shows me their texts because she knows how much I enjoy it) that said “Good morning my gorgeous lover! I am so eager to be with you for three nights. When I see you I will kiss you passionately then take your clothes off slowly and remove your panties with my teeth and inhale the amazing aroma of your lovely pussy. I am going to make very passionate love to you all weekend.” My wife’s reply was “Oh my sweet man I love you so much, I have been anticipating this for many days, being in your arms again, feeling your strong arms pick me up and place me on the bed, I’ll be lying next to you, where I belong! I am so wet right now just thinking about the passionate love making we will have, how I will cry when I feel your manhood enter me once again!” Don’t get me wrong baby, I do love my husband but he’s not the man you are and I am so glad that he agreed to not ask me for sex anymore, I only want you inside of me, making real love to me, filling me with all of your juices, showing me how much you love me!” His reply “I will fill you over and over again babe, that’s a promise! When you cry as I enter you I know it’s because you love me so much and it makes me feel so much more connected to you, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have found such a beautiful, passionate woman but I’m so so happy that I did. I am so much in love with you and I would marry you if I could. I’m also so happy that we don’t have to sneak around, Jerry being happy to be a cuckold is such a wonderful thing for us, and Jerry telling us that he’s very happy that we are in love was a surprise to me but again I’m so thankful that he did. I would never break his trust and try to take you away from him but just know that if anything “happened” I won’t hesitate to ask you to marry me. I am also very happy that you and Jerry don’t have sex, even though he’s your husband I think he did the right thing allowing me to be your only “mate”. Her reply Oh baby you are my mate and you have more than just my body, you have my body, my heart and my complete love, I’m devoted to you and always will be. If I could give you a child I would do that too. His reply Yes you have told me that before and oh god I wish we could do that, giving you a child would make our love so complete. Well my beautiful lover let’s spend the whole weekend trying to make a baby, we won’t succeed but it’ll be so worth trying lol. She sent him back several hearts and kisses. She should be in his arms in about another hour from me posting this report. I’m sure some of their love talk was for me to enjoy but I know that every word they said to each other is the truth anyway. I love her so much and I’m so happy that he came into her life.

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          Sounds wonderful!

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