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        So after many talks with my wife of how much I want to see her been fucked by another man she as agreed to and move onto the next step. I was just after some advice or someone who can share there first experience with me as we have agreed for her to go to our friends house and she will send me pictures and videos of what they get up to and then in time be there in person sat in corner not been able to do owt whilst he fucks my wife hard. I don’t mind been at home or been there in person because either way it will turn me on so much because I have waited so long for this and i want it to be amazing so any advice would be amazing it would be most appreciated thanks

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          dont. rush things many wives want privacy form husband for that first important event.after that they become relaxed and. often happy to show off! you may o may not be invited to participate etc .every. couple ( or is that treble?). will evolve or progress at rate they comfortable with.
          sharing experience is part of it. demanding is off. putting. have wife relaxed . Ok with where and when etc. and all ought to work out well. much depends on chemistry. between her and bull.

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          Cathy & Jerry

            We agree with MatureMUK. Unless she asks you to be there you should let her go on her own and let her tell you all about it when she comes back to you. A hotwife’s first fuck out of wedlock should be special and undisturbed. She needs to enjoy his cock without the thought of her husband there as an audience. It’s going to be so unnerving and exciting at the same time for her, and her lover should be able to give her his best performance and enjoy her married pussy without you in his thoughts. She’ll love you for it later on 🙂

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              Thanks for you feedback I do really appreciate it, just reading both your comments makes a lot of sense and i want my wife to enjoy every second of it and I think with me not there there will be no interruptions or arkwardness and my wife can be nice and relaxed and get the hard fucking she desires and I’ve made it clear to my wife she can do what ever she wants I just can’t wait for that amazing day to arrive because it’s driving me wild thanks again for your replies means a lot and if there is any more pointers or tips please feel free to let me know because this is the start of something absolutely out of this world

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                if wife feel sunder pressure to comply.. she may later. feel reservations or even used or dirty cheap about. a sexual liaison that occurs. take time .have her chat. with bull.drinks first !! no sex on first meet is a rule.
                chemistry and face to fact chat v important. we say wife agreed ? to go to next step. if wife is doing this solely as you insist..it often leads to issues or relationship failures. having gently steered her towards the lifestyle one hopes she will find her sudden freedom liberating and. rewarding. hence that first bull so important.
                not a guy looking for a quick free fuck. if she has any questions or. inhibitions? ideally she ought to chat to a non biased person. to get a feel how she may respond. a cuckoldress possibly or. an old bull. not cuckolds as they all want women to be sexually free all the time. so very biased.
                good luck 🙂

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                Curious Couple

                  Hello Everyone,
                  Our quick bio: Married 28 yrs, empty nest, time to try some new thing in the bedroom/hotel room.
                  Husband’s fantasy initially, but wife has recently embraced the idea.
                  We have met a man we like online. My wife has been chatting extensively with him and feels comfortable enough to meet him in person.
                  Our only rule is that we will be together for each encounter. The potential Bull is ok with this.
                  Do you have any tips, Do’s/Dont’s that you can pass along.
                  Or maybe share experiences of your first meetings?

                  From what I’ve read here and on other sites we’re thinking of the following scenario; Meeting in a restaurant or bar, and set a rule that nothing will happen on the first meet.
                  After that we can see how everyone feels. Does this sound reasonable?

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                    Curious Couple, you might want to start your own thread in order to get some comments, as this thread was started by somebody else to get advice for his own situation.

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                      yes I agree with Gracie. Also this is also something the start of something beautiful.

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                        I agree with the other commenters that in some relationships it is better to have the lady be alone with a lover the first time. Each couple is unique in this, and they custom design their desires on what they want to do. I have also told couples that having the wife be alone with another man at times is very important so she can be uninhibited, free and wild with a man. This allows her to open up more and not feel she is under pressure to perform for her husband. For some women, especially at first, she is subconsciously under pressure and inhibited as her husband watches. She will subconsciously feel she should control her passions since her husband is watching. This means she can’t truly open up and be herself and she is holding back a wide variety of emotions. What the husband wants and needs is for her to eventually open up to the lover and be free with her actions and emotions. So, the more she lets go and is focused on the lover, the better it is for everyone.

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                          So right Lyndon

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                            I have to agree with Lyndon. the wife should have alone time with her lover and this will enable her to be free, wild an uninhibited.
                            Besides, I believe this to be her right!

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                              This is some great advice. We are in the exact same place and my wife has actualy said she wants to meet alone until she builds her confidence up to letting me watch.

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                                  Whatever it takes to get the wife started, that is what should be worked out. Once she is used to being with other lovers, then they can work towards him watching. I have also felt that even after she has sex in front of him often, that she still needs some alone time with lovers perhaps once a week – so she can feel totally uninhibited with another man, and feel that wild freedom that lovers need to feel together.

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                                  First time next step, hope our experience helps. It took me almost five years to talk my wife into having sex with another man. I wanted to do a threesome as I wanted to see her totally pleasured. Two things she was greatly hung up on. One ruining our marriage. I promised her I would never let anything happen us. Now way I said. Second issue, she said I just wanted to do this so I could have an excuse to have sex with another woman.
                                  The first thing we worked on was no matter what went down we were to always stay together and never let our marriage fall apart. So this created rule number one for us. We would always be together, I was never to leave her alone with anyone. Therefore I was always to watch to ensure her safety. Understand I served four years in the Marines and it’s what she loves most about me, that she always felt safe when I was around. Rule two, I could never stop her when she liked a guy and was having fun and I had to watch no matter how I felt. In other words don’t ruin her orgasm. Rule three if she was to go bareback I was to eat her pussy clean, it was a way to share risk. Either way with these first set of rules. It was a win win for both of us. Alway get everything out in the open and discuss each of your concerns. Set boundaries and expectations and stay with them. You will experience both good and bad. Discuss it all, make adjustments. Expect your life to change but you can only have great long lasting experiences through good conversation both before and afterwards. We have been successfully doing this since 2003.

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                                    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your post is very educational and shows others how successful this can be for a married couple. Congrats on living life to the fullest and finding that magical fountain of youth.

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