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        I want to be a cuckold and of late my wife has started showing interest. I met a guy online and we are thinking of taking the next step and meet him in person.
        Since this would be our first time, would like to hear from other experienced cucks on what to look out for to make our experience safe and fun.

        Some areas of concern are:
        – how to keep ourselves safe from blackmail, harassment etc (best channel of communication and still remaining relatively untrackable?)
        – safe health practices: drugs, diseases etc (is it ok to ask if he has had himself tested for aids, hiv etc?)
        – avoiding pregnancy (want to try bareback so may ask wife to be on pill)

        Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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        Louise W

          1) get a burner email address eg hotmail and insist on this as the main way of communication

          2) but a s/h phone and ger a payg sim and give out only that number

          3) always meet (the 3 of you) in a public place eg a bar for first meeting

          4) ensure your wife phones you from the hotel room (never his or your place at first) to assure you shes ok

          5)m always always always use a condom and make sure shes in charge of putting it on and taking it off afterwards until….

          6) if it looks like becoming a regular thing, ask him to take a test not more than a week before the next meeting and produce a certificate

          7) make sure you discuss everything with your wife and get her to tell you everything thats happened when she comes back

          8) most husbands want to watch – at least sometimes – so make sure the guy you/she selects agree

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              Thanks for the great tips. These are very useful.

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              Those are good tips above. Also, since you are concerned about blackmail, allow no phones or video devices in the room at all so he cannot sneak a pic or video. If you are not there in the room watching (and I recommend you be there) then be in a car or someplace nearby, not at home. She should leave any personal ID with you so he cannot know her real name.

              Once you are comfortable with the guy after a few times of him fucking her brains out, then you can loosen up with the rules.

              I strongly strongly strongly suggest she have several boyfriends, not just one. That way the attachment that can develop is lessened. If a boyfriend becomes too attached to her, dump him as she has plenty more boyfriends who want to fuck her.

              My wife has a huge number of black boyfriends that she fucks. Over time, a few have gotten way too attached to her and she has dumped them. Also, if you are watching in the room, get used to the idea of cleaning her creampie and cleaning his cock. I had to be forced to do that at first, and now I find it awesome. I love the creampies and I love sucking cum from black cocks. Ain’t the world strange?

              Please let us know how it goes.

              Gracie: Chick with a Dick

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                  Thanks for the great advice. You have mentioned some points that I hadnt thought about. Will keep these in mind.

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                  It’s been a couple of months since this posting came out I was wondering if you’d care to share an update with us?

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                    Sure, would love to share my first experience briefly. I followed most of the advice already given above. I did not share phone number at all, only communicated via email. Met at an hot tub place. The experience was mind blowing for both of us – and for me far more turning on than I expected in my wildest dreams!

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