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        Hello all comunity,
        i’m the male of a very young couple. We are both very interesting in cuckolding and its aspect.
        We both trust in a sex free relationship; in our opinion this help a lot to have great cominucation, great mental feeling and deeply and strong bonding all without the “pressure” and “tension” of sex. we believe girl/wife can find sexual satisfaction with a good boyfriend while she can fiunf all mental support in her hubby.
        Also we believe that a good privacy for both is essential, till now we don’t see one each other nude.
        Someone here had experince in that way?

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          Well, I think there is some misunderstandig in this subject. There are many cuckold couples where the husband is denied. But it doesn’t mean that there is no sex between hubby and wife. It means that the husband cannot fuck her wife which is quite normal for a submissive husban. Meanwhile the submissive husband can get sexual stimulus by experiencing his wife’s extramarital affairs, the wife’s controlling his sexual releases, occasionally handjobs, and he may perform oral activities on her wife’s pussy, maybe he eats creampies. These are all sexualty between them. If your wife locks your penis or makes you wear panties these are also sexuality between the cuckold and the wife.
          These are the sexual needs of a sub cuckold and the good wife provides these for her husband. It strengthtens the connection between them and this is the main role of sex in a marriage. Without sex the couple will be alianitated sooner or later. So I suggest you to keep some form of sex between you.

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            thak you very much for your suggestion. We have a lot of cuddle, i massage her body, legs and feet for long time, she stay a loto of time on my chest and we caress one each other.
            all this thing are made with me in the cage (i always wear cage when meet her); often when i back home for this i wank myself, and i awasome.
            in your opinion that is “sex”

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                Is very common for a submissive cuckold been excluded from conventional sex forever. My wife cut me off years ago. Penetration for be is thing of the past that I will never experience again but I’m extremely grateful that I’m allowed to masturbate every time she’s with her lover and I get to eat the pie quite often, her lover is very proud that she is only for him so he’s nice to me.

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                As long as your wife is being sexually satisfied and enjoys cuckolding you, then it is a win-win and sex with you is not needed. You can offer your tongue or other forms of intimacy, even cuddling or laying together satisfies this need for both of you. My wife and I rarely have penetrative sex but she often has me eat her pussy, use a dildo as I finger her and watch her masturbate as “sex” for us. She allows me to masturbate or sometimes she will use her hand on me or let me rub against her ass. However other than these sexual moments or me watching her with her bull, we usually try not to see each other nude. It makes it much more special when we do. When she wants me to eat her and shows me her pussy, I am usually so on fire, I practically dive in face first !!!!

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                  Hello Bellaazz, thanks for your post very helpfull!

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                    I allow hubby to masturbate. He has to get permission of course.

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                      Hollycuckmaker, Do you supervise his masturbation?

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                        also me allowe to masturbates, but i do in privacy.

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                          no sex, sounds like my marriage.

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                          Cathy & Jerry

                            I haven’t had intercourse with my very pretty wife in over 8 years and I’m very happy with that. As others have stated just licking her clean and even just touching her pussy as I’m bathing her or helping her dress for her “dates” is sufficient sexual contact for me just knowing that her boyfriend is making amazing love to her in my place. That is what I consider being a cuckold is about and I’m so very happy with our lifestyle that I wouldn’t want it any other way EVER!

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                              My wife of 39 years tried to have intercourse with me once. I am abou2 2.5 inches flaccid and 4 ish erect. I could barely get in her and she did not even feel it. That was the end of that. Now she get it all from various bulls, I almost always get her cream pie. I am kept in chastity since it serves no purpose otherwise. Several times per year she lets me try to masturbate but it has not worked for i cannot remember when. I get my satisfaction knowing she is satisfied and in cleaning her and her bull up when they are done. So withe that I would say that I am a sexually satisfied cuckold.

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                                thank you for your experince, very interesting.
                                we decied to have no intercourse because we think this give out something from emotinal side. For us is not size items, is that we want “pure” love. Make sex with her, or show my hard cock to her is in my (our) feeling a lack of respect. same the opposite of course.

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                                    Displaying arousal…or it being visible, shouldn’t be discouraged. Expecting sex whenever one is aroused is the behavior I want changed in a cuckold.

                                    I feel it’s actually important a cuckold’s arousal is displayed because without there being a desire to have her sexually, giving that up to another male has much less meaning and value.

                                    Sex should also be separated from intercourse or penetration. Couples must be physically intimate and masturbation can and should at least sometimes involve the other in cases where intercourse is no longer practiced.

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                                        Exactly, a cuckold who doesn’t want sex and feel the wife denying him intercourse is no longer a cuckold.
                                        Often, I get much harder erections when she’s telling me how she has firted with a stranger or how much she enjoyed another man’s cuck than usual.
                                        The hotwife should use the cuckold’s flag as a indicator she’s on the right path. The more the cuck is struggling with his his desire to have intercourse with the hotwife, the more control she has on him

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                                      I’m very happy to see I’m not the only one deprived from sex. Is a common thing in cuckold relation. My wife sex is exclusive for her lover. She cut me off years ago. I was train to have my release only thru masturbation, ofcourse by appointment and supervise, during my time she don’t touch me but she talks about sex with her lover, I have to doit with her lovers picture in front of me and telling her how happy I feel of her having a real man. She telling me that I’m good for watching her panties by hand and I’m a good maid and a sweet servant, I don’t need more and I’m very proud and thankful.

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                                        We believe husband and wives should always have sex even as a Hotwife and Cuckold Couple. But what is sex. I may only get to penetrate her once every 2 or 3 years. For our sex life, sex includes her being with other men. Me getting to eat her pussy clean after her lovers stretch and fill her. That is sex and if I am good for her she unlocks me and I get to jack off while she watches.

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                                          Jacking off while she is watching is euphoric, and if she is commenting well NASA does not get a lift off like that.

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                                            My cuck hubby and I do not have intercourse. We touch like 2 lesbians. We both love it. Hubby never asks me for penetration. He does not need it. He crossdresses privately which I love.

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                                              In my opinion what @sexfreerelationship describes only is an unusual direcdion towards cuckolding.
                                              Usually the direction is from a ‘normal’ sexueal relationship towards cuckolding via understanding that the sexuel skills of a husband are not up to the wifes needs.
                                              In @sexfreerelationship’s case there is no sex in the beginning. It doesn’t proceed towards cuckolding but starts at it!
                                              He is sort of a real everlasting virgin.

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