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        I’ve had the cuckold fetish for around 10 years now. I slowly brought it up to my gf. It started with me leaving the porn tab opened on my phone (knowing she might snoop). I bought 2 “cuck” shirts that I would wear around the house thinking that she would ask, or know something about the meaning. This went on for months and eventually we had the conversation. We have a mutual friend that set us up together, who is married now. She has been snap chatting him nudes for months now and she will eventually meet up with him to bang. She’s also snap chatting with an older guy we came across on Tinder. I can’t wait for her to come home after draining either of their balls soon. I will update when it happens. It also gets me hard knowing that some of my friends know I’m in a cuckold relationship. They don’t say anything directly to me but I know they talk about it when I leave the room. My gf’s mom is also a hotwife, most likely. And I think she knows. Her brother definitely knows. Him and his fiancé came over one morning and my gf was wearing the “cuck” shirt. I discreetly pulled the shirt to let her know to throw a sweatshirt on but it was already too late. Again I don’t care if they know, it’s a turn on for me.

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