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        My wife and I have been curious about the cuckolding lifestyle for a while but to date we’ve only explored the edges of the lifestyle.
        We started with role play and found the lifestyle really fit us both very well and so from there we took a few tentative steps to meet others in the lifestyle.

        We attended a social event organised by members of the Cuckolds UK Forum which we both really enjoyed and it reassured us really that there are fun people to meet, both bulls and couples and so that only increased our curiosity. We’ve talked to a couple of bulls through Kik and on the phone which is fun but we haven’t found the right bull to really go much further with.

        I wanted to give her options and so I invited quite a few bulls to connect with her on Kik but she flat out refused to talk to so many strangers. She wasn’t too happy to turn on Kik and find so many random “hi’s” and felt she didn’t have the time or interest to get to know so many guys and work out who she might like. I thought I was doing the right thing but apparently not.

        But she has explained she wants me to find no more than two male companions (bulls) who she feels shw would be happy to explore things further with. What she wants is the following.

        A gentleman who is patient and willing to get to know her and won’t be upset if she isn’t on Kik every day. She doesn’t use it all the time, usually at night once the little ones are in bed. She also enjoys porn movies, her little treat in the night when she is frustrated and on Kik and so someone who is patient and a gentleman but also willing to send little treats. Of course, in return, more personal treats will often be returned to keep her gentlemans blood warm. She wants a man who is confident and ultimately willing to take charge with challenges and dares to follow but isn’t rude or aggressive with it. She wants a male friend who is sexual and horny but not rude or insulting, someone to lure her out of her shell and when ready, into the bed of her bull or he into her bed.

        I may know one guy who’d fit the bill but I’d like to find her the ideal one or two bulls to really draw her out. She is keen but just wants me to connect her to those special bulls to lead her and be her companions as she takes that exciting leap.

        Are you that guy? Ideally you would be based near to Oxford or Newbury but we also work in London so a city gent would also be an option.

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          welcome to the lifestyle. it is both rewarding and addictive to many. getting right bull/lover is important and often takes time and isn’t. straight forward. area near? times? other commitments etc. can all be a hindrance plus need right chemistry and attitude to make it a success. don’t rush . good luck

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            Hey im eren 27 years old kinky bull pls pm

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              Would love to chat at your time no pressure

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              James Everard

                Good afternoon. My name is James and I am a mature bull based in Chelmsford. I read your piece with interest and feel that I might fit your requirements quite well. I am 58, fit, experienced, cultured and well educated. I am 5’11”, 13 stone, toned and quite well endowed.

                My priority is to make the sex as enjoyable as possible for my partners and I pride myself in my ability to put their needs first and give them as many orgasms as possible. I am able to hold back my own orgasm until I am certain my partner is fully sated.

                I am a patient person and willing to put in the time and effort to develop an understanding of my potential partners before we meet – and London would be a good venue for me.

                Let me say up front that I am married but my wife is not involved in any way.

                My screen name on this site is James Everard but I am and ysul.ysul on both Skype and Kik. Do please contact me if you think you might be interested.

                Best wishes,


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                  I would be very much interested in chatting.



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                    wished i was living in oxford

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                      Hi there,

                      I am a London based Bull and happy to chat and meet at your convenience.

                      Please let me know.



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