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        We’ve never set out on a date with pregnancy in mind but there’s one experience that stood out as being extra arousing, I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences?

        At the time, J wasn’t on the pill and so for a particular session we knew she was fertile so we of course insisted on condoms. But then during sex, the bulls condom broke and he paused, not sure what to do when J pulled him out and had him just remove what was left and then continue. I could see she was really in the zone and just didn’t want to stop.

        Well all of a sudden there was extra sexual tension, I think everyone felt it. She was extra turned on, he was very extra turned on and so was I. He came hard inside and she just held him there as they kissed.

        Afterwards, all in bed, we talked about it and decided to just leave it and see. She didn’t get pregnant that time but it did elevate the whole evening to a new level.

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          Facing a similar situation in 2010 to 2013.

          My wife had a Lover in the beginning of 2010. For about 6 Month he turned up every weekend and my wife had the first night exclusively Sex with him in our Bedroom and in the second night we both fucked my wife. I did notice during the MMF that my wife was deeply emotionally involved – she was in Love with him.

          Shortly afterwards he moved in to our house and we arranged ourselves accordingly. Meaning my wife had every night another of “her two Husbands” in the Bedroom.

          One night, it was my turn with her, she was riding me slowly, she suggest that she wants to stop taking the pill. She wanted to get pregnant from her “second Husband” Just by talking about a possible pregnancy from her Lover, she got extremely aroused.

          Both, myself and her “second Husband” had been against it. But the wish to be impregnated by her second Hubby came many times again and again into her mind.
          Many times during MMF watching when both had been passionately making Love and my wife in her sexual arousal whispered to him Oh my love, fertilize me, make me a baby!

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            My wife has been seeing her boyfriend for 18 months now and they are both very much in llove with eaach other.
            My wife is not on conreception as it doesnt agree with her system and condoms cause a reaction so she uses the rythum method for pregnancy prevention.
            My wifes boyfriend, and my friend…now is going to overseas for 2 years.
            In the last week he was here my wife was ovulating but she really wanted her boyfriend to cum inside her as they both feel much closer when he does.
            I agreed to this and we find out in 10 days the result of this.
            I much say we are both quite excited by this and even though there is no conflict with my wife I am.
            The things we do for those we love 🙂

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                Well either way it will be a relief knowing and good news

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              Cathy & Jerry

                Cathy has told me many times that she wishes she had cuckolded me on our wedding night and became pregnant with her lover’s baby and I agreed with her that I too wish that had happened. She told me several months ago that she wishes she was still fertile because she’s very much in love with her lover of three years, again I wish she was still fertile as well! Oh well, at least he’s the only one inseminating her several times a week, practice practice practice! lol

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                  When my wife starting seeing a bf regularly she went on birth control but even the remote chance she might become pregnant was exciting and scary. We had a few close calls but it never happened

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                      It definitely adds an extra element of excitement, knowing it could happen.

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                      my wife and her bf have 2 beautiful boys together and it was the best choice we ever made, it does work

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                          I’m sure it can, it’s really down to the people involved and the dynamic. No one right or wrong.

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                          very true

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