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        Greetings, dear friends and reliable partners. I want to apologize in advance for my imperfect English. Undoubtedly, the main purpose of my appeal is that in these difficult days, I, like many other Ukrainians, need money. No, don’t think, I’m not going to beg. Maybe I am not an unequivocal member of the cuckold community, but nevertheless, I am not so far from this topic, as I took part in several thematic meetings and, to be honest, this topic turns me on.
        So what am I… oh yeah. Traveling the net in search of cuckold sites, I noticed that many of them obviously belong to people quite far from the topic itself, people who are focused only on profit and do not really care about the development of cuckold.
        Even I, being a web developer and not far from the topic, could hardly develop a cuckold site in the right direction.
        Therefore, I would like to sell the site I created to one of the members of this community, to someone who will be interested and pleased to develop this project.
        Now on to the topic: I created a cuckold website and filled it with the main sections that I think would be useful there, and I would like to sell it. Of course, if the new owner has a desire, I can continue to provide technical support for the site and can even continue to refine and develop the project, being a developer, but it seems to me that I should be its owner and make decisions about its development, as it seems to me, one of you should.

        Now a little about the sections of the site
        – Cuckold Porn Videos Tube with video gallery
        – Cuckold Sites Directory/Listing
        – Video Sex Chat Roulette (partner integration with monetization)
        – WebCam Shows (partner integration with monetization)
        – Adult Store (digital adult scripts)
        – Forum
        – Community with Groups, Private Messaging System, Activity Streams and more
        – Blog with articles
        – Customer Support with ticket system
        – FAQ
        – Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy

        Additional features:
        – Users registration system with Personal Area
        – Loyalty Program with motivational Cuck Points and 10-level system
        – Own Android App
        – Cryptocurrency payment integration
        And more…

        My contact:
        Telegram: @VendeTTost или t.me/vendettost

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