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        Looking for a real bull master to reprogram my sub wife.
        My sub wife had a lot of sexual adventures in the past and was in hands of real bull masters who used and trained her very intense.
        She had high sex drive and refused not any man or couple who I invited to use her as their free sex toy.
        After several very bad experiences and some trauma, she closed the door and live without sex. She isolate herself, even to me her husband and live unhappy and is not enjoyable any more. My only concern is to see my sub wife again happy and enjoyable. For that she need a very strong emotional(love) binding in a kinky relation with an intelligent, foxy gentlemen master. For that I will accept an extreme cuckold position and no any sex with my wife any more. I will accept that my sub wife become real owned by the bull master and accept that her bull master has full 24/7 control and unlimited sexual authority over my sub wife.
        I can prove that this is nothing new for my sub wife because she had such relations in the past and I have pictures and video to prove that she was totally into this.
        A serious candidate need to live very nearby to spend a lot of time with my sub wife.
        He must become a real good and trustful friend and real partner in our life.
        In the past we were relocatable, but not any more. We are fixed in mid Portugal.
        It will be not easy and a big challenge. However my sub wife is still easy to seduce by pushing the right buttons. I will help and inform a serious candidate. Tantra approach will work.
        All pictures are from the past. They only prove that my sub wife was into and wanted to become owned by a bull master.

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          I would love to be that bull I love to control other mans wife n have them to every n any thing I want I will snap her back Guarantee we should meet up so I can evaluate her n controls her so she can be happy

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            I am also on fetlife, where its more easy to see what I want.
            I am looking for a live in bull for real relation with my sub wife and lifetime commitment.
            Distance is always the biggest handicap.
            In the past we were relocatable, but now fixed in Portugal.

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