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        Two days after my wife’s due, she finally went into labor this morning. I am sure my wife’s ex (the bio dad) fucking her last night help to bring on the labor. Mother and baby are all doing fine. My wife delivered vaginally and we all have a healthy baby boy, 7lbs, 2oz, 20 inches long.

        Yes there were definitely some looks we got when the three of us arrived at the hospital. Interestly they asked which one of us was the father, not the husband. Before I could say anything David acknowledged he was the father. They started telling me I could go to the waiting room but my wife said that I was her husband and would be coming as well. I saw some heads turn.

        Same reactions when nurses and interns came into the labor room seeing two men with my pregnant wife. I have to admit I was embarrassed. But my wife and her ex seemed fine with it.

        She was in labor about 7 hours and then the moment arrived and his baby’s head arrived and soon the baby slid out of her vagina. I have to admit I cried as did he. It is a beautiful sight to see a new born baby being born. Biologically not mine, but I still felt proud of my “son”.

        Since he put his fertile seed in my wife, impregnated her, I let him hold the baby first when the three of us were alone in the room with the baby. It is his son, I cannot deny that, but I think of me as being the Dad.

        We left the hospital a little while ago so my wife could get some rest. David and I are here at the house together. We had a couple of beers, celebrating the birth.

        He is going to be staying with us for about a week or so. I guess I will find out where I am sleeping tonight, back in the guest room where I have been the last three nights, back in my marital bed where they fucked last night. Will I be sleeping alone or will he invite me into bed with him? We have had sex or more correctly, he has used me for sex before, so I will have to wait and see.

        My cuckold status was clearly on display at the hospital, the first time I exposed myself as a cuckold outside of my home. No lie that it was difficult. I felt judged, which could have been more in my mind then reality, but I suspect I was talked about by any hospital staff that came in contact with us.

        The kids are excited, mine and theirs. I feel bad that my kids think they have a biological half brother, that I have lied to them. But whether by blood or not, I want them to treat him as their brother.

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          Not sure you exposed you Cuckold Status.

          More that you brought the sperm donor with you to the birth which is pretty rare.

          Heck twice I have driven a friends wife to the hospital so she could have their baby.
          The first time was because they were having dinner at his parents house and he did not want (correction his mother told him he had plenty of time and sit down and eat) to leave in the middle of a pasta dinner. He had twenty minutes before he had a son.

          Twenty 25 minutes latter I called from the delivery room to tell him. The phone range 54 times before MoMA picked up the phone to say we are having a dinner and hung up.

          5 minutes later I walked through his parents back door. Their sitting was his parents, his brother, his six sisters and their combined 17 grand daughters. I caught a real blast from MoMA. Then sudden silence when I announced he had a son. The first grand son. I was still wearing the green hospital hat, mask and shirt.

          Suddenly the meal did not matter. He was out the back door to the hospital across the field. Spurred on with the thought his was was about to name his son after me.

          MoMA was getting ready to leave with the rest of the family when I suggested they finish the meal I was sure his wife had banned her mother in law from seeing her grand son. His father who was drinking coffee at the time laughed so hard he passed a mouth full out his nose.

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              Oh I am a cuckold, have written about it on this site. My wife’s lover is her ex husband and he is the one who put a baby in her.

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                Cathy & Jerry

                  Congratulations, I truly do envy you. I have wished for years that Cathy had cuckolded me on our wedding night and was impregnated then, as does she. Oh well, I can be happy that I’ve been a cuckold for over 16 years and cut off for over 9 🙂 Again, we’re happy for you!

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                    Thank you and everyone for the congratulations. I have to say that he produced a beautiful baby boy with my wife. It will be interesting to see how much he will physically look like his bio dad. There other two sons while they were married definitely look like him.

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                      What’s the baby’s name and who named for?

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                      WHY DID YOU INVITE THE BULL TO THE BIRTHING PROCESS? That is so weird….

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                        Congrats, I wish your combined family’s all the best!

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                          Congratulations Dan, i have followed your journey on this site and am proud of you.

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                              Thank you. It is nice to have support. The cuckold journey can be a hard journey. Having his baby is another unknown road to travel.

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                              First of all congratulations Dan on arriving of the little one.

                              I’ve been following your journey and updates and I can assure you a true cuck cannot ask for anything better.

                              Retiring your fully functional sex organ for procreational purpose by getting vasectomy (as far as I remember you did) then finding out your wife is going forward to procreate with someone who really deserves it.

                              All of this shows nature taking its true course where an alpha male got successful in spreading his genes and a beta cuckold must obey his fate.

                              Wish a happy healthy life to your baby and I hope you guys decide to make more.


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                                  Thanks. It has been a journey for me, nothing I would have ever suspected to occur, or the places it has taken me. Yes I volunteered to have my ability to impregnate taken away, getting a vasectomy. Letting him have the honor, which he performed excellently, as one would expect.

                                  He was supposed to get a vasectomy once he got my wife pregnant and we knew everything was going fine with pregnancy, so that my wife would not have to go back on the pill. But he has not done it yet. So I suspect he may want to do it again. I have not broached the topic with my wife.

                                  So for now we will enjoy the baby,

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                                    Cathy & Jerry

                                      Any more news Dan?

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                                        Congrats we have had 3 pregnancies 1 miscarriage 2 full term all unplanned.We have never tried to determine paternity and kind of like it that way.

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                                            That must be exciting to not know. In my case I know exactly who fucked and impregnated my wife. It definitely was not me as I started shooting blanks before the main event.

                                            By the way, your profile photo is fucking hot

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                                                How old are you and your wife?

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                                              Congrats! Is the possible father the same race as you? What are the details concerning the baby passing?

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                                                  The bio dad is white like me

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                                                  Congrats! Do they let you do cream pie clean up?

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                                                      Sometimes I have the pleasure of cleaning up the evidence of fucking

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                                                      Their baby will be 8 months old in another week. It seems unbelievable that it has been 17 months already since thwy fucked to conceive.

                                                      I swear that the baby is looking more and more like him. Of course no way to know, but he looks like he could be quite endowed like his bio dad.

                                                      Since he is still fertile and my wife had not gone back on the pill, the luckihood of another pregnany was quite real, with one pregnancy scare shall we say. However, I asked my wife to please wait for awhile before having another baby with him, so she went back on the pill recently so he can continue to fuck bare.

                                                      i know the future holds another planned seeding.

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                                                          This is so beautiful and despite the comments, it is very normal to have the bio father and husband present during the birthing process. I have been there during the birth with three of my baby mothers and one is on the way in July. So, support mother and bio dad and pray they bless you with more of their offspring.

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                                                          you are blessed

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                                                              Thanks. So are you, I may be a cuckold, but if that is your wife, she is hot.

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                                                              ty .it is and we have been twice blessed.

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                                                                  Nice, did the same cock bless you both twice/

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                                                                  hi we are not sure there are a few posibilities. we never tried to determine paternity

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                                                                    well congratulations regardless. Glad to hear you are happy about the outcome. We don’t have to be the one to put a baby in our wives to love the baby.

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                                                                        Well said! It is very common and beautiful. Here is my latest beautiful baby boy 16 months along. I get weekly pics from my lovely GF and her husband.

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                                                                        Any talk of stopping the pill?

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