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        I married my high school sweetheart. I had only had sex with him so I didn’t realize how small his 4 1/2 inch dick was. In grad school, we became very close to our next door neighbors. One night after drinking and playing spin the bottle with the next door couple and another couple. We began making out with the opposite spouse when the other couple left. When he pressed his hard cock against me I was surprised at the size. I was curious so I announced that Red and I were going next door to our apartment leaving Jon with Ann. I locked the door with the dead bolt and chain. Jon couldn’t get in that way. We went into our bedroom. When I pulled my long dress over my head, he couldn’t believe the size of my tits. His mouth dropped open when I took my bra off. My mouth dropped open when I saw his erect 7 inch thick cock. I found out how good sex could be that night. I found I had power I didn’t know I had. I could control him by teasing him with my tits. His wife was an A cup with a big ass and a dry pussy. We fucked several times until three the next day. Then I unlocked the door and went back to bed. I had heard Jon checking the door several times. He finally found it unlocked and came back to the bedroom. He found Red and me still naked. I undid Jon’s pants and held his little dick in one hand and Red’s in the other. I stroked them both to make them erect. Then I made Jon look at the difference. I told him to go back next door as I climbed on Red’s erection. For the remainder of grad school, Red and I had sex as often as we could. Jon and Ann ended up having sex with each other only. We joked that the poorly endowed deserved each other.

        Jon had to stay to finish his research while I moved to St. Louis to a dream job at a special ed school. One day while I was doing my laundry in the laundry room, I met a man 7 years older than me. He offered to carry my laundry back to my apartment. I invited him in for a coke and we talked fora while. He asked me if I would like to have brunch with him tomorrow and I accepted. He came by the next day and announced he was fixing me brunch at his apartment. He fixed me pancakes and we talked for a long time over breakfast. After I helped him clean up the kitchen, he suggested we take our coffee into the living room. We continued to talk and drink our coffee. Then without warning, he leaned over and kissed me. I pushed back but he continued. His kisses melted my resistance. He started rubbing my breasts and telling me how magnificent they were. He asked me if he could see them. I said no. So he went back to kissing me. Then I felt his hand under my blouse caressing my breast. His kisses felt so good I didn’t stop him. He continued kissing me and put his other hand under my skirt. With one hand, he expertly undid my bra. When his fingers tweaked my nipple it all resistance was over. He fingered to an orgasm as he kissed and teased my nipples.

        Then he carried me into his bedroom. He finished undressing me and told me how beautiful I was. Then he undressed. He had a massive erection. I couldn’t believe a man could be that big. The most impressive part was the head. It extended 3/4 of an ich on both sides of the shaft.

        He climbed between my legs and started rubbing my clit with that big head. I asked him to use a condom since I had gone off the pill because they made my breasts even bigger. I was using a diaphragm but i didn’t have it with me. He said they don’t make condoms big enough for him. He told me he would stop if I wanted him to quit but he kept rubbing my clit with his big cock head. He kept asking me if I wanted to quit. By then he was pushing the head part way in and rubbing the clit. I couldn’t stop. I had to feel his cock in me. He made me beg him to fuck me. Even after I begged him to fuck me he kept asking if I was sure I was ready for someone as big as him. By then his cock head was almost all the way in. I told him I had to feel what it was like. He said there would be no going back after he fucked me. I mouthed, “Please” and he pushed the head all the way in. I thought I was being split in half. He held it there for a while and the pain went away as I relaxed. Then he started stroking it all the way out and going a little deeper on each stroke. Suddenly I had a massive orgasm soaking the bed. I told him he was huge. He said it was only half in and then he rammed the other half in. I had another massive orgasm. I never felt that full before. We fucked in every position possible the rest of the day. When I was on top, I learned I could control him as well with my breasts. He was in awe of them. I was so sore afterwards, I could hardly walk.

        I was really sore for several days. The soreness made me think of him. I went to the doctor and got a prescription for birth control pills. Luckily, my period started on time. Jim had called and we had coffee while I was on my period. We made out but I wouldn’t do anything else on my period. the day after it ended, I called and told him I would be over to see him. That started a six month affair. He told me one day to measure him and then go home and measure Jon. He was 10 inches long. the shaft was 6 1/2 inches around. The head was a whooping 8 inches around. Jon was 4 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 inches around. He was right. As Jim had said, there was no going back. One day Jon was looking for me when I wasn’t home. He had come home from work early. He finally gave up. and went to Jim’s apartment and rang the doorbell. We were laying in bed nude after an afternoon of intense sex. When Jim saw who it was, he opened the door Jim was standing there nude with a semi erect cock shining with my juices. Jon looked through the bed room door laying there nude. He turned and left. Jim said if he doesn’t leave me now, he is a cuckold. We could do whatever we wanted from that point.

        When I got home I found Jon in the family room in the dark listening to Doctor Hook on the stereo. He was drinking bourbon. The album was about how the man couldn’t reach the moon with his girl. He said he knew the feeling. I tried to convince him that was the first time I had sex with Jim but he didn’t buy it. As we talked, I told him I needed the fulfillment Jim’s big cock gave me but I loved him. He didn’t say anything for a few days. He finally said he could accept me and Jim. Jim was right. he became a cuckold serving us and watching Jim fuck me better than he ever could.

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          I love your story of your beginning in the lifestyle.

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            The site needs a Like Button… 🙂

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              Jim is a true cuckhold a lucky man to have such an understanding wife

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                Realization and acceptance is a great thing. All cucks understand this.

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                  You wrote, “Jim said if he doesn’t leave me now, he is a cuckold. We could do whatever we wanted from that point.”

                  Later, when your husband came to grips (pun?) with his small cock realization you wrote: “He finally said he could accept me and Jim. Jim was right. he became a cuckold serving us and watching Jim fuck me better than he ever could.”

                  “he became a cuckold serving us…”
                  This is certainly a perfect lead-in for another chapter….
                  Would you please share the details of jon’s service?

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                  Cathy & Jerry

                    The start of a wonderful cuckold lifestyle, congratulations

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