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        Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post this topic. But I’m a wannabe cuckold, currently single. I have spoken to some nice people on here via personal messages. but I thought I’d ask and hopefully hear some amazing, hot stories of real experiences.

        One thing that especially turns me on is when your wife’s boyfriend has progressed to not being a bull, but a second relationship and someone who is dominant enough to want to signal that he is the alpha-male, you’re the beta. Alpha’s get to sleep with their gf’s in their bed while beta’s get to sleep in the guest room or couch in the living room.

        It feels so naughty and so taboo, especially in the most intimate spot in the household. Submitting to a man in your own space and possibly even getting to interact with their sex via cocksucking, taking his load in your bed. Or the wife establishes dominance by ordering her cuck to lick up his cum and clean up her pussy and his cock.

        After that, it’s time for the cuck to go to the guest room and get some sleep. Being led out by your wife, given a kiss and a “I love you”, the door closes and you hear it being locked.

        Now that is erotic and romantic right there, and I hope it’s something that will happen to me one day. The total submission just feels…liberating. The loss of control but accepting it.

        Have any of you folks ever had situations like that or are there nights where he sleeps in your bedroom on certain nights?

        Looking forward to the replies!

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          We would never get the bull/bf to sleep in our bedroom. If he stays over we use the spare room and hubby keeps the main room. Its just our rule.

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            Yes. When her FWB / Bull comes to our home for his twice a year week long visits she is his for the week. They sleep in our master bedroom in the marriage bed together and I sleep in the guest room. Our daughters pink bedroom, she’s away at college. They fuck I get to listen to her cries of passion and pleasure from the outside.
            Very HOT!

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              We recently did have a Bull stay the weekend – the way it worked for us was I served them both drinks at our bar, they were dressed up getting ready for dinner and I was naked in my cage with a bowtie serving them. They ordered pizza for me and i walked them to the door so they could go have a nice dinner together close to us. My wife didn’t seem worried about being seen at the restaurant with the bull so I waited for them at home.
              When they came back I was standing behind the bar as they made out in front of me – my wife said “cucky my boyfriend and I are going to our room – you can use the room across the hall so you can hear”.
              It was a long and passionate night for them i was already making sure to I get them coffee for when they wake up. when i got back home with the coffee i could hear behind the door that they were having another session so my wife told me to leave the coffee at the door and go down to the kitchen unless i need you.

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