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        I came instead in this lifestyle, after reading a letter from a cuck. The husband got home early and saw the neighbor leave his house without him being noticed, when he got in he found his wife naked asleep and while in shock he went on to eat her. To his wife surprised he was aroused to know she was with another man.

        I found the story extremely hot and I got aroused myself. Fast forward, I am married now with three kids. The topic has come up and it’s mainly my wife and I fantasy. We had one occasion where it almost happened, but it didn’t go through. I guess my question is where to find a bull for the wife. Above all I want her to feel and be safe. We are located in South Florida and are very limited on the time.

        I want her to feel safe and secure and above all enjoy herself. Any suggestions?

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          Don’t use a friend. High chance it will end badly. Choose someone who is only for this part of your life. Someone who doesn’t know your friends or family. Try a dating or swingers site like Kasidie or Adult Friend Fider. That way everyone knows upfront what this is about and what to expect.

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            Thanks, we tried aff once and it was a flood gate for weirdo’s “per my wife”. I guess we will give it a try to Kasidie. I found my wife liked the idea of dP Bc of her choosing of porn. I asked her once if she had been with two men and she said that she had. Of course that drove me crazy, and I couldn’t wait until she shared how it happened. Apparently it didn’t last as much as she wished for. I did tell her about my fantasies and while she didn’t say no but rather no yet, every time I bring the subject up her pussy trenches. That’s why I want to us to try but someone we can feel comfortable with. I don’t consider myself cuck but rather a stag, I love the idea of seeing her getting pleasured while I watch and join the action after the fact. She is on her early 30’s while I am on my late 30’s. Any ideas, scenarios, past successful experiences you guys want to share, I will really appreciate it. Thanks

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              I completely understand about AFF. It’s 90 percent guys who have issues.
              Hubby takes on the task of weeding them out. Kasidie is mostly couples who are into their wives playing with each other. But there are SMs who have things more together. My hubby is my alpha stag and has complete power in who is allowed in our circle. I am allowed to flirt and see if I have chemistry with anyone I choose. But he has the final say in how things play out. We have found that most guys are willing even after finding out how we are. I have started to see the guy who does my nails at the salon. It started out because he recognized my anklet. You might try getting her one. I wear mine everywhere and it has gotten more responses than we thought it would. It’s Kinda like advertising without advertising.

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                  Is your current boyfriend 25 or younger? I really fully appreciate the radiance, youthfulness, tight skin, and multiple other qualities of younger guys. They seriously do have a better attitude to listen, learn, and adore a mature wife and mother. Let us know your perspectives.

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                Cathy & Jerry

                  I put my profile on Ashley Madison several years ago and it’s turned out to be the best site I’ve ever been on (I’ve tried most if not all that are available up to now). I’ve met several terrific men on there and had amazing love affairs with them. Men have to pay to use the site and even to send messages to a lady, but women don’t pay anything. Most men won’t pay to be jerks and trolls, it doesn’t add up lol. So most of the men are honest and not looking to cause trouble. You’ll see a lot of guys who pay to get on the site but won’t actually try to message a lady, they’ll just send requests to see a lady’s private photos which you just ignore/delete, it doesn’t matter what site you go to you’ll always get the loser picture collectors asking for something to masturbate to. But again, try Ashley Madison. Oh and when she sets up an account there she won’t have to supply her real name or address, so it’s all kept a secret until she decides to meet with a man she feels might be the “lover” she desires. And don’t forget to create rules the two of you agree on, and be sure the prospective lover fully understands and agrees to all of them. The goal here is of course for her to find the right man for mind blowing hot sex, but the number one goal should be her health and safety. Rules are a must in this lifestyle and if even one is broken it’s discussed with all three present and if it’s not resolved then the lover is sent away and the search begins anew 🙂


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                    Thank you guys so much. It’s really nice getting support from a woman’s point of view. I noticed the vixen bracelet that’s a very good idea. Now I will need her to want to wear it.

                    I will have her check Ashley Madison and allow her to go from there. She has expressed that she wants to be controlled on whom she chooses, and I am fine with that but whomever she chooses it needs to be approved by me. I need to know she is safe and well taken cared off. To be fully honest, I feel she is burnt out with the three kids (1,8&11) and COVID’s over protective issues. I would love for her to just go and unplug and have a good time.

                    Can I ask you guys, how was it when the fantasy became an actual reality? How was the day after? In my eyes, I think communication is key. I have been listening to the keys and anklets podcast and Mike shares a lot of good information and pointers.

                    Thanks again

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                      We laid out some ground rules before we took the plunge for the first time. The biggest rule for us is that we always 100% of the time have reclaim sex after. It is very bonding for us and resets us. This keeps negative emotions away the day after. Although Hubby really enjoys this lifestyle with me. He can get jealous occasionally. Reclaim is a awesome way for us to take that emotion away. We have started a new path with me seeing my boytoy alone while hubby is at work. But when I do we make sure to reclaim that day before we go to sleep. I would have to say that positive communication is the key. One negative vibe can ruin the experience easily. And to make sure each person is completely comfortable with whatever happens. Make sure this is what you both want. Because once you do you can never go back.

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                        Thank you so much for sharing and the tips.

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                          Who is this LUVR guy?

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                              @4ever7713 Luvr is the person who created / owns this website

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                              52/50 yo hub and wife. i’m fascinated by this concept but have no idea how to approach the subject with her as she is very conservative. I married up, she is gorgeous and out of my league by all rights and deserves better, bigger, sexier. I’d be perfectly fine with her having a BF with or without my involvement. Any advice would be appreciated. From what i’ve read here so far you all seem like wonderful people.

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                                We are in a similar boat. We’re 52/53 and I married up as well – she’s out of my league and I would love to watch her with a better hung, younger, fitter, sexier guy. She says she’s not interested so things are pretty much left with me fantasizing about it and little more. I hope you have better luck than I have!

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                                  Thanks so much for the reply. Good to know there are others in the same boat. I wish us both luck 🤞🏻 Please stay well

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