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        I am very lucky, as I have a younger, sexy wife. A few years ago I discovered that she was cheating on me, and it got me really turned on. She wouldn’t tell me who her lover was, but she said that he was really good in bed. I asked her if he had made her come, and she told me that he always made her come. I knew that I didn’t always take her to orgasm, but the thought of another man satisfying her got me very aroused. When she said “he’s better than you” I found it a real turn on; she would tell me about her sessions with him while we were having sex, which often made me come rather quickly. When I apologised she told me not to worry, saying that she had enjoyed huge multiple orgasms earlier that week. I have a big cock, and my wife tells me that I’m good in bed, but she said that he was just much better.

        Anyway, my wife drifted apart from her lover a couple of years ago. But now she has started cheating again. This time its seems to be serious; apparently her new boyfriend is amazing in bed (again) and has a huge cock. She doesn’t let me have sex with her for days at a time, as she says she wants to save her pussy for him. She just tosses me off whilst telling me that she’s being fucked by a better man. Shesays she won’t leave me, but she won’t give up her boyfriend. What should I do? I’m still very turned on, but might I lose her?

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          At the beginning of her tryst, it may have been cheating, but is it now? That is the question you and only YOU must answer and it will deliver you to a happier place.

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            Thanks. It is cheating, as that is what turns me on. I worry its more as she goes off and spends the night with her new boyfriend, telling me she won’t be back until some time the next day. With her old lover she only fucked him after lunch dates or when I was away, only telling me when I confronted her. I will stop worrying, as you suggest, and just focusing on her being horny and needing another man.

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              Your a wittol, that is a cuckold who knows his wife is having sex with someone else and does nothing to stop it. Congratulations. When are you going to tell her you like her having sex with other men?

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                She knows that I love it when she cheats on me with a bigger and better man. I’ve told her, and she’s seen how hard and excited I get when she talks about it. When she does let me fuck her she teases me by saying things like “this isn’t your pussy anymore” and “you can come, because my boyfriend is going to fuck me to big orgasms tomorrow.” Is it ok to be a “wittol”? I would rather my wife just cheated on occasionally with the odd big stud, rather than having a boyfriend. But she’s said she won’t stop seeing him.

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                  Hello Havey,
                  I did not make myself understood in the last missive. A wittol is a man,who knows of his wife’s infidelity and puts up with it.
                  It does not mean that he has witnessed it. It does not mean He knows when his wife may pleasure herself again with another man. It simply means the husband is aware of his wife’s activities and does not do anything to stop it.
                  For instance a cuckold man having found out about his wife may turn to divorce or worse. He is a cuckold, but not a wittol.
                  As always best wishes

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