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        I’m so excited that I figured I come on here and share the excitement. My wife and I have been married for almost 16 years and have done alot of fantasy play, role-playing, and such. Well one topic always gets us both going is cuckolding. It’s a big fantasy of mine and it does get my wife going talking about it. We have always been just too chicken to put ourselves out there. So up until now it’s been just fantasy. Well my wife goes out with a Gf once or twice a month for a “girls night”. So I just figured tonight would be the same. Earlier tonight she messaged me updating me on how her night was going, well to my surprise my wife’s friend ran into a long time friend and introduced him to my wife. Well something sparked in my wife. She said to me in a message, that “tonight may be the night”. It totally caught me off guard, and of course I had her elaborate to make sure we were on the same page, And indeed we on the same page. I thought to myself that maybe she is just teasing me or building me up for when she got home. About 2 hours ago she sends me a message saying ” tonight is the night, I’m going to Scott’s house after the bar”. I think they must be all going, I ask what are you and Janell going to do over there? She says ” no, Janell went home, Scott invited me over for some drinks, do you mind if I go?” I of course always hope or wish this would actually happen so I’m thinking to myself YES!!! So I tell my wife sure no problem, have fun and just keep me posted. So that was about 2 hours ago about and about 45 minutes ago she messages me letting me know she arrived and the address and she says ” things are looking like I may be bringing you something home tonight, Scott is really nice and we may mess around, is that still ok? I try to play it cool even though I want to drill her with tons of questions. I say “well sure hunny we always have talked about it and you just haven’t found anyone, so if you feel comfortable go ahead”, I say “you know the whole thing really excites me”. My wife says ” actually it is really exciting me right now also.”. I say to her ” be safe and enjoy your night out”. She responds “thank you so much and I’ll keep you posted”. I am going nuts over here that was about 45 minutes ago and I’m like pacing with all these good thoughts about my wife actually haveing sex with another guy hopefully currently. So sorry so long, but wanted to be thourough with my first story, I enjoy reading all of your guys stories. I will add and update this post once I hear something. I’m hoping for a picture or video, shit even audio lol. I will update soon as I know something. Thanks for listening to a proud, nervous, anxious hubby ramble. Would love to hear any questions or comments while I patiently wait to hear from my wife or her show up. Pic was sent to me from her tonight on the way to his house, I see him driving.

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          Another pic from earlier tonight of my wife. Hope you guys like. I going nuts with thoughts how do other cuckold guys refrain from messaging their wife’s. I’m dying to know what is going on, would it be bad to shoot her a message asking?

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            Just received a pic from her. Now I’m really going nuts. That’s so hot

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              Well wife just got home about 20 minutes ago and just climbed on my face and she was full. It is amazing the feelings that across your mind and another man’s cum is dripping out of your sexy wife. She is now taking a 5 minute smoke break as she reads this post with a smile on her face. She enjoyed her night with Scott. She is smiling ear to ear and her clit is huge and very sensitive. She is telling me all about Scott’s cock which of course is much larger than mine, which is such a turn on to hear. I’ll add more later on let me enjoy my Hotwife.

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                  Congratulations! I hope for both of that this wasn’t a one time deal.

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                  You are so lucky! Be sure to cherish every minute of living out this fantasy. Be sure to get lots of pics and video of her with her lovers because one day she will be done with the fantasy and you will not. So if you have video/pics you will enjoy hem later I promise.
                  When my wife was with her best/BIGGEST lover it was back in 1990. No such thing as cell phone video. I never got the chance to film her with him and it makes me sick now! I only got to see her sitting on him one time. The rest of the times I was at work or laying on the bed in the room next to our bedroom listening to them. She was a virgin when we married and as small as my penis is I felt sorry for her. We started pretending in the bedroom with a penis extension and the next thing I knew she was taking a friend of ours by his hand and leading him to my bed while I pretended to fall asleep(as I had often done before during movies) We had agreed for her to call me on the phone after 1 hour and come give me my turn. After 2 hours I called her. She said sorry she had been pretty busy but would see if she could get him to stay put for a minute so she could come take care of me and let me see what he had done to her pussy! I almost cum on myself when she came into the kitchen completely naked with his cum running down her inner thighs. She told me to put my penis in her and feel the difference he had made inside her. She said be prepared! She said he was as thick as my wrist was! Anyway don’t want to carry on but she slept with him for about 2 yrs and now all i have are the memories…….. to this very day she still makes me call my penis a penis. She told me after she had the thick cock to please never refer to mine as a cock again. She said that was what real men have and unfortunately I did not have one…… But then along came the desire of motherhood. We had our children and have raised them and now I have been thinking about it happening again. Of course we are 20 yrs older now but she is still beautiful enough that I think she could find her another willing young bull! But don’t seriously think she will……..

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                    We love to Hotwife thing. My wife has a date in Nashville this weekend.

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                      Congratulations!! Enjoy the moments!

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                      Rigel Orion

                        Great to read it, congratulation!

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                          I am 25 years old, married for 3 years and hubby insisted I date dn fuck other men on our wedding night. I resisted for 2 years then agreed. We do a game of we both go to a bar not as a couple. I will sit at the bar or a table alone . Guys will hit on me.. I refuse them he will hit and try to flirt with me I reject him too. Soon I will accept a guy and flirt with him. Ensuring my hubby sees me grapping the stanger’s cock and kissing passionately. I will ask the stranger to fuck me in my car or sometimes take him home for us to fuck in bed. If I am fucking in my car, it allows cuckold hubby to see car rocking and maybe look in to and watch. I will ask date to return to bar for another drink and there will intrduce him to hubby

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                              That’s fantastic. That is exactly one of the scenarios that I suggested to my wife, but I guess we just haven’t progressed to that level.

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                                Consider yourself special! You have the best of both worlds and the husband loves every minute of it as much as you do for some crazy reason! As for me and my wife (of many happy yrs now!) once we started the role play in bedroom such as blind folding her and me using different size very realistic penis extensions over my penis along with her dildo collection then she would have to guess which one it was. That led to me telling her I had a friend and both of us were going to fuck her one night. The night came where she actually came out and ask me who was I bringing to the house that night? I told her she would not know who he is. I blind folded her and tied her hands to the bed post. Well by the time I rang my own doorbell and let my imaginary friend in,(Just me and me) she was literally laying in a pool of her wetness! Seriously she had wet thighs dripping onto the bed sheet! I went into the bedroom w/o saying anything climbed onto her, entered her very wet self, then rolled off. She replied, “stop teasing me baby, where’s your friend?) So I placed a brand new very thick dildo in a harness and strapped it on! I ate her out really good and used my fingers to loosen her up a bit and just hoped she would be able to swallow this new and thick strap on/her new BIG friend! Well let me tell you this! She was so sure that a friend of mine was fucking her that she swallowed that 3″ thick strap on dildo! She kept asking me”who is it that’s fucking the shit out of your pussy right now babe?” She then blurted out, ” GREG? Is that you?” She had one of her biggest orgasms ever immediately after she said his name! And so did! I removed her blind fold and ask her did she want to fuck Greg for real? She looked up at me and ask could she? I told her I will invite him over tomorrow night for a movie. The rest was up to her to seduce him into our bed while I pretended to fall asleep during the movie. Had no idea how he would react to thinking at first he would be stabbing me in the back. Well she didn’t have a problem with the pantie less mini-skirt and tight top I dressed her in! Half way through the movie I watched as my wife led him to her bed!
                                Anyway long story short, a year later I watched her fuck her first real man. She fucked him 3-4 nights per week for a little over 2 years! – Now all these yrs later we are still happier than ever that she got to experience something very few girls do! The best of both worlds for you girl! ENJOY it while it last! And I hope you get a hold of one as big as wife love did her first time out! If so trust me, my wife will tell you that you will be spoiled for life to thick-dick once you experience one! She said the girth is what is important to her lots more than the length. She said she would take a man with only 4″ length but between 2″-3″ diameter or thicker over a long pencil dick any day.

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                                You will be hooked forever!

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                                  you guys are so lucky!

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