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        I am a male (20) and wish my girlfriend (20) would cuck me with a black guy. I have always really been into bbc porn and just love the idea of my girlfriend with one. She used to be with a lot of black guys before me and I can tell when we have sex that she is used to a large cock. I want to see her pleased by a larger cock and like the idea of me getting humiliated by her. Message me your opinions and perspectives. Love to chat with women about their experiences with cuckholding and bbc so I can tell what kinda head space my girlfriend could be in.

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        Small Phil

          I’m sure she will be happy to have sex with black men, just tell her what you want!!

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            Then tell her what you want dude! If she has been with Black men before then she is spoiled and she evidently is in love with you but NEEDS your reassurance that it is okay! You need to let her know that it makes you hard and that you are into it as well!!!! Dont hide your feelings and she wont hide hers!

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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