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        Good evening everyone,

        Signed up to this site a few weeks ago and as mentioned earlier, I would like to provide my own success story.

        It was towards the last few months of the year 2019, I came across a post on Reddit by an older couple (late 50s/early 60) searching for a young male within a reasonable distance up North, in the UK. Their requirements were under 30, Asian male (which is a rare request), no issues downstairs and non smoker. The couple did dabble in swinging on and off over the years but the wife was curious spending the night with a younger male.

        I too being curious with experiencing quality time with an older woman, sent a message with a brief description of myself. After a few back and forth messages, we switched to email, shared some images and met up halfway at a motorway service Starbucks.

        The initial meet was success and after exchanging numbers, I met the wife on her own at my hotel the following fortnite. The first 3 session took place between us at a hotel and the fourth and last meet was at their home with the husband watching and later joining in with sloppy seconds.

        One thing I did notice was how “reserved” the wife was in the presence of her husband, yet the previous sessions, she behaved like a woman in heat. Sadly, lockdown closed this brief relationship to my disappointment. After 2 years, here I am, searching for my next couple for a long term relationship.

        Fellas, don’t be put off by an older woman, there’s certainly experience when it comes to age! No endless mind reading and frustration. She’ll tell you what gets her off and what doesn’t.

        Hope you enjoyed reading my experience. Any questions? Fire away!

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          Beginning to wonder if I should’ve posted this under the True Experiences forum instead

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            There is no doubt about it that a woman, ie cuckold wife behaves differently in front of her cuckold than when alone with a stud. Its why I like my wife to be alone, especially at first. I want her to have the best. Part of that is getting her well hung guy. Just as important is letting the wife create the environment that lets her be fucked to her hearts content. When you and her were in front of her husband, she was being more like the woman she was taught to be before she was married. Good post.

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              Its a standard procedure to us that my wife will be intimidate with a new guy on her own. But those events are taking place in our home and not in a strange place. Once she think’s the Sex between her and her Lover has improved, she will ask for the first 3some.

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              Mommy who is 45 and has cucked her son and many more

                As a 45 year old mom many men have told me they prefer me and the age around me good luck sweetie!

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                  My wife (50) claims not to be interested on other men and yet has made out with my best friend in his car when he gave her a ride home from a work function. He said she was very uninhibited and eager…some of the things she did for him were most unlike her usual self.
                  I fantasize about her cuckolding me while I watch, but it would definitely cramp her style if i was present.

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                    There is a strange thing that happens. When women are young they seek older men, but when they are older they, not always, seek younger men. This is true when they have security already and are looking for purely sexual and fun experiences.

                    Many older women like being pursued by younger men because it makes them feel wanted and not over the hill. It makes them feel like they are still in the game.

                    If an older woman is working with the younger guys she is not in it for the relationship and security. She is in it for the fun and validation.

                    A woman’s confidence often diminishes after the age of 30, and by 40 they usually think of themselves as old maids even when they are not.

                    For instance, I knew a woman that was 46, and the way she spoke about herself you would think she was over 100 years old. She couldn’t get it through her head she was still marketable. Her lack of self-worth and low self-esteem created problems with her relationships with men.

                    She was not a hotwife, but she cheated often. The men she cheated with were very old because it made her feel young. Young men made her feel old. She also had daddy issues that were never resolved.

                    She had so much going for her, but couldn’t see it. That always bothers me.

                    Anyway, if you are bulling for couples, expect them to be older. There are some young ones, but this lifestyle has a large middle age demographic. Also, expect to find those from different cultures to reach out to you.

                    There was a guy I knew who was from India and had an arranged marriage. The wife was the one who demanded a cuckold relationship. He was fine with it because there was little love in the marriage. They went through the motions of a married couple, but it seemed more like a business than a relationship.

                    They both were looking for men to take care of his wife. She had a huge libido and it was common for her to hook up with 3 different guys a week.

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