Welcome to 2020

I the last update Black Friday, I shared how the bond between my slut L and her bull M had been growing and becoming more interesting and more rewarding. I have pushed L to be her submissive best for M to make it clear there is room for him to be assertive, make choices, and enjoy her to the fullest. R has also been coached into situations which out him more as a cuckold and help him exhibit his willingness to be supportive of the love of his life loving black cock.

Yeah, that’s M, blowing his nut over her backside – a lovely backside. I am rather taken with the shape of her that way and apparently it was good for M as well. He had worn a condom while inside her, but that’s a thing of the past as are some other details, but I’ll get to that later.

Fridays have become a pretty set night for L to be available to M and from the beginning of him being over at their place I told L I didn’t want it to just be about him coming in and taking her to bed. Yes, I made sure she would be fully available to sexually satisfy him, but first, it was required that they spend some time socializing, talking – eating if that was a good option.

I did this to promote everyone being comfortable together. I did this to promote L being displayed by R to L for that entire time, and I did it so casual conversation and flirtation could more easily lead to foreplay that R could witness. This would make everyone more comfortable with the dynamic of another male having a sexual role in the relationship and being able to openly express it. I failed to get R to show me the red lace bodysuit she first wore for his time at the dinner table, but I did get him to show me a more recent Friday night at home outfit picked out for M.

Those husbands among you who haven’t hosted your wife’s date at home can’t quite appreciate the tension created when she is openly, sexually displayed for prolonged times during what are otherwise casual events. I feel certain this played a role in the bond that began to form for L and M and why R was so comfortable (relatively speaking) with supporting the sort of commitment they offered to M.

I first experienced this with the very first couple I was with. She would often be dressed in very little when I went over and I was always tempted to just take her to bed and fuck her but I also realized how erotic it was to see her like that in front of her husband and how it must feel for him to accept her being displayed like that. Not long after, friends of his saw her this way as well and that would just add to the erotic energy I felt seeing her like that and keeping her like that for a while before letting myself enjoy her.

He’s such a good boy – and I mean that. He’s not only done well in being very supportive as L and M have gotten closer and spent more time together, but he’s done extremely well with adjusting to how his genitals have been demoted. I was quite surprised by how much L was turned on by the forms of denial I established for R and the rules created for them to govern the type  and means of orgasm for R. None of the options included intercourse.  The first way I told him he could earn being inside her again was after her first intimate date with M. I then told him there was a new mechanism in place to decide when he could again be inside her but didn’t tell him what that was. I mention this in the True to Form update.

At that point, I wanted to test what I saw happening and told L that if she felt she wanted R’s erection inside her…or felt he needed it to manage his anxiety, she only needed to ask my permission and he could fuck her to the best of his ability – wouldn’t even be restricted to ‘cuckold sex’.

But L never asked me to allow our boy inside her. I even reminded her of the option. After that it was clear that the cuckold role was not only firmly established for R but also for L and she confirmed that when I asked her about his denial. This was posted previously in the update All In.

erotic at home

I call this Erotic at Home and R made a specific reference to the article of the same name early in our conversations. So, basically, R signed up for this torment so he has to be happy with it every day and not even being able to keep his friends from seeing her like this. Don’t get the wrong idea that it’s all suffering for our boy – he’s getting very regular orgasms at this point. Yes, she may make him fall asleep still erect a few times a week, but in general he’s getting a ruined orgasm more days than not now. I had been giving him a full orgasm after each time L’s body gave someone else a full orgasm, but when she was dating both M and S, this needed revision. Now there is a coin toss to determine ruined vs full. And, L now has the option to choose to ignore his erection entirely.

Along with that freedom for L came freedom for R – I’ve released him from the requirement that he be in chastity if not being supervised during a date or while they are dating alone. In fact, as I write this, R should be delivering L to M for an overnight date, her first. He will then be home alone with his erection and choosing to embrace the ache in his nuts rather than cheat L and me of his suffering.

That’s a good boy.


Tonight’s date is an outcome of a date a couple of days ago. M came to their place to get them before they went out for dinner. Below you can enjoy M inspecting how L was prepared and offered to him for the evening.

And yes, it was unzipped like that for the evening. Also important to note, this was (I think) the first time their date started with L and M as the couple and R tagging along to be a witness for the newly formed couple. Over dinner the relationship and opportunity was discussed with M dropping some very significant bombs.

This is a lot to process for a cuckold who has only been inside L for 15 minutes in the last couple of months, right? M also sent them home without fucking her to ensure they were ready to make this commitment and if so, she was to meet him today and stay overnight with him. I added the requirement that R deliver her to him.

L is now officially M’s girlfriend and M has all rights and privileges a boyfriend should have. It’s expected they’ll be together at least three times a week, but plan to let it happen as it happens which will likely mean some weeks it’ll be more days than not.. and others only a couple days of the week.

Sealed The Deal

Today, about eight hours ago now, R took L to M and left them to go shopping as a couple. By now they are back at the hotel room where they’ll spend the night together. It’s like having a honeymoon suite, right? And for the first time they’ll have bare intercourse like a couple and he’ll inseminate her like a boyfriend should.

The reference to “*hard now” is our boy telling me his toy (penis) had become fully erect. He’s been trained to tell me whenever the status of his toy changes and he’d only been inbetween limp and erect when we began talking due to the anxiety he was feeling.

Success And Then Some

Eight orgasms. That’s the count my slut gave me for how many times she was able to pleasure her boyfriend to the point where his balls had no choice but to give up more come for her. That’s eight orgasms over a roughly 18 hour period, but still, that’s a good slut to work that (bare) cock so well with her mouth, hands, and pussy.

  • in her mouth: 1
  • in her pussy: 2
  • on her body: 5
a prior example of his decorating


Now L is fully his to be explored and enjoyed both privately and publicly with R’s full support. This video was taken for R but not sent because they know R is being trusted to not cheat L out of the enjoyment she has of controlling when and how R spurts for her.

Intimate Suffering

Our boy has come to value his own suffering because my slut has made sure he can’t escape how much she values it. L is very attentive to exercising her responsibility to manage what used to be a sex organ and is now her toy. I asked our boy to describe how she gives him full orgasms now (when she chooses to) and it matches very closely with what I taught her to do.


Our boy knows how much she values her control of his toy but wasn’t aware of how much his control has grown over the past couple months. As that exchange above reveals, I push his buttons quite a bit and even though I’m sure his toy is crying constantly, he accepts it and waits to lessen the ache in his testicles.

Last Look

I’ll end this update with something slut’s boyfriend took the morning after enjoying her body in all the ways he wanted to.

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