Five days ago when I last updated their second update, First Bull Date, I hadn’t heard from either of them in over a week. I had known R had a safe-word in case it got too much for him, but I didn’t have any reason to think he was that on edge, but he was. I was also believed that neither would be able to just walk away from this and was correct about that as well.

I’ve now heard from them again, I’m pleased to say.

Even more pleasing is that even though L suspended her dating, she maintained almost everything I taught her and introduced to them as rules.

  • she has still dressed to demonstrate her empowerment
  • she has restricted her cuckold to mostly ruined orgasms
  • and most important of all; she’s not let him inside her

Let’s Do The Math

Just estimating I’d say it’s now been a good two weeks since L was fucked for me and R found himself getting exactly what he asked for and I allowed him all of five very still minutes inside L. Before that he’d not been allowed the tight fit of her sex around his penis for two weeks before S enjoyed being inside her.

S is still the last male to enjoy being inside her and she reminds him of that when she edges and ruins his orgasm nearly every night.

It’s pretty obvious what this couple needs, isn’t it?


I know what she deserves…

Moving Forward

I appreciate the caution of having a safe-word – it’s a trigger which is devoid of ambiguity. The use of safe-words though has to come at a cost because using it should be an action of last resort. Clearly, given their behavior following his use of it, such use was likely uncalled for. For that reason, to continue forward, I required R to agree to having his use of a safe-word be nullified for the rest of 2019. He has no safe-word now.

L felt responsible for his panic, but I assured her she was not at all responsible. She was always a good girl and always attended to her boy. The majority of blame is shared between R and myself. It’s on me because that’s where the buck stops. It’s on R because I repeatedly sought to get clear readings from him on his state of mind and he was not honest or perhaps as forthcoming as he should have been. We’ll have to fix that so I can ensure L gets the cock she needs while he attends to her.

Last night, to celebrate our return to the path, I told L to ruin R’s orgasm via outercourse, something they had not yet done. I believe it’s a very fitting way for them to be intimate while also being clearly reminded of their roles and the boundaries I have created.


That’s what R feels he needs – being involved in S enjoying what I deny him. Of course that’s what 90% of cuckolds want – or feel they want until they get it. I made R admit that he was selfish in using his safe-word because at no point did he ever fear for their relationship or fear for the risk of injury or danger for her. Therefore, using his safe-word to exert control was not only selfish, but risked the trust so necessary for this experience.

I walked L through how I would take them down this path with S so R could be more involved. To her credit, L told S about her relationship and experimenting as a couple but needing to take a break instead of just breaking it off with him.

Smart girl – and very fuckable.

R will have to prove to us that he can behave and defer to L and even her man in public spaces as a start. Public dates to both introduce S and R to each other, but more importantly, an opportunity for L to behave as taught in order to coach her bull and her cuckold into understanding their roles around each other. Only then can our boy sit beside her in their own bed and hold her hand while S mounts her.

I posted a new article, Outing The Cuckold part I, which was inspired by my plans for R’s involvement.

I tasked R with taking a shot of my L for this article and what she wore, what the pic looked like, was all up to him and I would base either a reward or a punishment based on how pleased I was – or wasn’t – with the result. It’s not that this view of her isn’t pleasant, it’s just that it doesn’t reflect his awareness and consciousness that she fucks others at my command.

Ever Hopeful

R asked me today when he might again be allowed sex with my fuckpet but admitted realizing his actions have resulted in a setback. I’ve given L the conditions for intercourse between them to happen but she’s not permitted to tell him what that is. I did have her her practice outercourse with her cuckold late last week and have specified that’s how he’s to receive his full orgasms if and when he gets them. For those who may not recall, R gets a ruined hand-job just about daily at this point and on the fourth time in her hand, fuckpet has the option of giving him a full orgasm – if he’s been a good boy.

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