In their previous update, Two Days Two Cocks, I shared how over the course of two days, my good girl had been fucked by two bulls, including her new black bull, M on that Friday. Today, perhaps even as I write this, my pets are having another Black Friday.

Between the last update and this one, M bought his new fuckdoll a nice outfit to wear for him. This was quite intense for R not just because of how good she looks in it but because she was so eager and willing to wear whatever he gave her.

decorated for a good fucking

This image of the outfit M bought L was also in the Gift Giving Guide article – I couldn’t resist making use of it before the official update it was meant to go with. As one might expect, having L displayed like this for some conversation and foreplay in front of the cuckold before taking the slut to bed elevated everyone’s urges ensuring my slut was fucked quite intensely as she deserves.

M didn’t take a shot of L kissing his balls, but that’s a pretty good shot of her doing her best on his cock. If I could show you the rest of the picture you could see how focused she is on pleasing his cock with her mouth.

My good girl is certainly devoted to her boy’s dangly bits, but not like that. I’ve recently handed over control of the boy’s bits to her because she’s shown remarkable responsibility in managing our boy’s toys. By toys I mean his penis and his testicles, of course – appendages far more valuable to her as symbols of his support and suffering than for any sexual use. Now L can choose on her own when to keep him denied, when to ruin him, and when he’s earned a full orgasm. What she can’t allow without my permission, is him being inside her.

Merry Christmas, Cuckold

I arranged with my good girl to give our boy a particular present for Christmas – the present of being inside my slut. This isn’t intercourse, mind you, that’s not how I’ve trained him to experience what used to be his pussy. Instead, I’ve been training him to have Cuckold Sex. L mounts him cowgirl style and settles onto his erect penis entirely and then just sits there with him inside her. He then gets five minutes to enjoy the snug grip of the pussy that now belongs to me and is enjoyed by M and S. The last time I gave him this present, he was unable to spurt and was left frustrated, but – he at least got to say he’d been inside her.

This time, I decided his present was to again get cuckold sex but with a 5 minutes bonus! Ten minutes of bliss inside my slut. I coached my slut on exactly how I wanted this to work and told her I very much wanted him to spurt while she sat still upon his smaller, demoted penis.

We taught our boy how to have a mental orgasm!

His penis was first coated in numbing cream, then wrapped in a condom. Last, but most importantly, he was allowed no friction, no sensation of penetrating my girl, just knowing he was once again inside her. This, too, was a ruined orgasm even though it was inside her and his penis was snugly gripped because his penis felt almost nothing.

I’m quite proud of my slut for being so diligent about our boy’s training and very proud of my boy for his response and being thankful for what I gave him.

I don’t know if M’s Christmas presents arrived yet, but when they do, I have given L some very specific instructions about how I want that riding crop used on her and also on our boy as part of his training.

the first hint for how M will test his new crop
the second hint for M’s new crop

But these hints alone don’t even come close to describing what I’ve planned out for my slut and her cuckold.

A Whisper Just As Firm

I have long believed and practiced that being a leader for a couple doesn’t have to be about being loud or pushy. If my pets are mentally where they should be, I should be able to accomplish my will as effectively with a whisper as with a yell. And, since I’m now preparing my couple for what could potentially be their first experience being responsive to a dominant bull, I thought it best to start training our boy in that direction.

I didn’t specify my good girl to require him to address M with the same answer, but I expect it’s going to come up anyway since she was so excited by his obedience in this way. For his part, I’m very happy that he’s found the path to putting their enjoyment and intimacy as a couple ahead of what would typically be an ego obstacle. R’s constant and very firm erection while he speaks to his owner is a testament to just how appropriate this role is for him now.

Being of Service

Training a cuckold to be of service typically starts with training him to assist in all aspects of helping her prepare for a date. It should continue with ways to make her and her bull more comfortable before, during, and after their coupling.

the evidence that my slut did her best to please him

Yes, this is his cock and his come spattered all over her body. He does wear a condom inside her – at this point – but this was a creative ending to her sex being a pleasure to him, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve coached my girl on training our boy to be ready to assist in cleanup with some warm washcloths and to give her bull a different target this time…


I thought I’d throw in some stats for my slut so she can have an idea of how much she and her boy have been enjoyed and what a contribution they’ve made to the lifestyle and encouraging other couples to take the plunge.

I also publish each article to my Twitter which has fourteen thousand followers.

If you see them in chat, please let them know if you appreciate their journey but be respectful if they are engaged with me and don’t have time to chat much.

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