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It’s now been a couple of months since I first took on coaching this pair toward a life together in cuckolding and I can’t say I’ve encountered a couple more successful in this amount of time.

Now some 8+ weeks into their new roles, L has come to openly adore the authority owning R’s genitals provides. This is an important point for couples to consider because so much emphasis is made of inadequacy in cuckolding and how denial is linked only with a cuckold’s inability to properly fuck, but the real power, the true rush, comes from taking a perfectly acceptable penis, a satisfying lover and converting all of that potential into an expression of submission.


a lesson more women can learn from…

His Gift to Her

Unlike so many women I encounter starting out in this, L has a keen appreciation for the denial I introduced in their relationship. She not only takes his teasing seriously as something he needs from her, but truly enjoys it for the expression of roles for each of them that it is.

Who isn’t going to be erect watching this wandering about the house? And for each day that ticks by where he has not been invited inside her, the meaning and value of his erections grow in significance. This factor is then multiplied by a factor of what…three? five..? when you add in the number of times someone else has had that pleasure with her.

I specifically asked L about the first night S spent in their bed, enjoying his time inside her and wanted to know if she entirely forgot about our boy outside the room, swollen in his chastity and she was very clear about thinking of him.


a cuckold’s suffering should always have value


The major development since my last update is our boy has now been outed as a cuckold to her bull, S. I re-wrote a draft article on the topic Outing The Cuckold part I and published it to give them a bit of a roadmap on where this could be heading for them.

It was initially explained to S in terms of R supporting L in being adventurous – getting to experience someone else while still in the comfort of their relationship. This is certainly true but obviously brushes aside the deeper motivations and more intense dynamics, but that is starting to surface now that S has had a full week of access to his fuck puppet.

During the week, L is to be available for S to stop by and make use of her for his pleasure between the hours specified.

No real notice or approval needs to be obtained.

Nor does L expect it to be about her; orgasms for her are purely a bonus.

I had this set in stone after his first time in the home went very well. S fucked L in private but was surprisingly comfortable with R being home and just outside the room while he spent quality time inside L. So, to ensure she’s getting the exercise she needs as a newly minted slut, I realized that easier access combined with the erotic appeal of fucking L with R present would likely make it more likely that L would get enjoyed more often.

“I could never share my girlfriend like this,” S admitted to L, hinting at a sort of respect he had for R in sharing his girl. S doesn’t yet know that L has been exclusive with him for intercourse with one small, 5 minute exception, but he’ll start finding out more about their practices starting today.

Giving Back

In reviewing some of their behavior I decided to make some changes in our boy’s favor. He’s done very well now that he no longer has a safe-word to hide behind and still has another month to go before we can even consider allowing him one. By then, I don’t believe it’ll even be something we consider.

L had explained that she had very much limited his touching her body while she got ready and that’s counter to what I believe a cuckold should experience when helping her prepare for a date. I also wanted his penis to be free and erect for her to enjoy during the process provided he agreed to the cost of it himself as a requirement of his freedom. I very much believe a cuckold’s penis has far more value erect and not used as a phallus than simply locked away and ignored. There are times for that, of course, but L does love what it means for our boy to be erect so much of the time for her.


a caged, denied boy

Chastity use hadn’t been much of a formal thing for them previously, but with L growing into her cuckoldress role and truly appreciating the value of his denial, his boy bits have been locked up a bit as of lately.

R was quite reluctant originally to let us all see the penis I have helped L convert to a toy so I’m quite proud of him for letting us appreciate his situation and showing us the one penis that cannot experience L.

For my part, I’ve decided that for now, when S is at their place, our boy must be locked unless he is supervised. This means that if slut is being a pleasure to S in the bedroom with the door closed, S must be in chastity to ensure he’s not out there jerking off.


In conversation with L I found a good way to communicate intentions and outcomes when S spends time at their place. This is most applicable to weekends since the weekday visits can be on short notice and straight to the point of achieving orgasm for S.

One of the things I’ve been working with L on is how to communicate the D/s dynamics of this experience to S in terms he can appreciate and work with. One of the first is when S is ready to take L to bed, L will tell R one of two things:

  • “go light the candles and close the door”
  • “go light the candles and leave the door open”

First, just giving him the command to go prepare the room for her and another male to couple in is very intense, but it communicates her authority and R’s need to have that. Second, it teaches S how to use such authority in an enjoyable manner rather than just being rude. Thirdly, it communicates what the cuckold’s role will be: listening only, or watching from outside.

…and close the door

This is also where chastity plays a role for our boy. If he’s told to close the door, then he’ll have to bring her his chastity device to be restrained. I’ve directed that he not be in chastity initially so she can still enjoy the erection he’ll have and be able to demonstrate to S how she casually teases it. For now, L can take his erection and lock him privately, away from S, but then it’ll be open that under his shorts, R has his penis restrained without having to discuss it first. This will allow the couple to discuss it in private – likely while he’s inside her, irony that must be enjoyed, eh?

…leave the door open

This is where R will know he can place a chair by the door to have a view into the room, but this is as much about him being seen as it is about them being seen. If told to leave the door open, R is free from having to put his penis in chastity while his lovely L is fucked, but he has to remain in sight while it happens to ensure he’s not jerking off and putting his state of mind in jeopardy.

Candles For L

While the candle lighting by R is certainly erotic for my slut because of the implication, L has some other uses in mind as well.


not my slut, but very well could be with that body

I rather enjoy candle play myself and know from the colored candles and relatively close distance he’s letting the wax drop that she’s really feeling that. Such suffering is a gateway to amazing pleasure and when combined with sensory deprivation (blindfold) and opposites like ice cubes. The results can put a girl in sub space quite deeply.

Of course R will never get to do this to her, but if he’s a good boy, he might get to watch her give herself to S for this treatment. I don’t limit myself to any one area of the body, either and won’t want S to feel restricted, either.

Helping S Get Promoted

I want to ensure S has every opportunity to grow into and beyond being a boyfriend to L. This will mean being able to both grasp and leverage the tools of power transfer. He needs to appreciate the authority R has given L and in turn how she’s looking to offer authority to him.

That will start tonight with S expected to spend an extended amount of time at their place. L will be on display the entire time and will be expected to be nude while she cuddles with her bull and they watch a movie together. This will be the perfect time for her to help herself to his cock and give our boy his first direct view of the cock fucking her now instead of his along with a view of how a good girl works hard to be a pleasure to her bull.

This will also move the mark forward in terms of intimacy being open between them and potentially make it possible tonight for L to tell our boy to, “Light the candles and leave the door open.”


something L sent to S recently

Black Friday

Now that L has her sexual freedom and not only the support of her boy to explore, but the direction and mandates from me about how to go about it, I’m learning more and more about what itches my slut needs scratched.


Option 1: sexy, but still not appropriate for my slut

Previously when going out I’ve allowed R to choose her outfit, but based on the assignment for her last night I needed to be sure she had the right look. It didn’t seem as though she had the right dress for the job so I told her to consider a skirt/top combination, perhaps pairing a top she’d not normally wear as outerwear and she assured me she had a good idea.

She did. This is actually three pieces, the top, the skirt, and a strapless bra showing through the lace panel of what is obviously a top meant for intimate circumstances.

This is certainly an attractive look, but attractive isn’t the goal. My slut knows that she needs to look available to be seen as available and have her pick of males wherever she goes.


fuck yeah – that’s what available looks like

L took her boy out to socialize last night. Well, she took him out so she could socialize and he could watch. I made the right choice in making it her responsibility to choose the final outfit because he most certainly would have gone with the first option and would have to be punished for it.

This is a fucking beautiful look. Elegant, sexy, very much displayed, but in a teasing way. It’s simple enough for anyone to see her breasts are bare beneath it, but enough lace where the detail is mostly hidden. Yes, someone close, someone dancing with her or standing over her shoulder, or even next to her could enjoy a very full view of her breasts – but that’s exactly what should happen.

Did I mention the black guys…?

No, and neither did L – she let R figure it out after getting there and realizing the majority of men were very dark compared to the pale slut I’m training.

Exposure to interracial is important for any woman exploring her sexuality this way. For some couples this defines their experience and for others it’s a component – sometimes significant, sometimes not. I have yet to choose how much of a role it will play for them, but the exquisite part is I get that choice. For now S is proving a very worthwhile addition to their relationship and that will be encouraged and assisted in developing, but I can’t let her be exclusive to him at this point in their training.

Last night, as instructed, L experienced some hard, black cock pressed to her belly and ass by someone who didn’t much care she might have been there with someone. I’ve not decided yet whether to have her make herself available to him and in what way(s) but will work that out over the next week.

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