Author: Charlotte & tinycuck

In the beginning…

The following conversation took place on what became the day my husband proposed to me. It happened in 2004 so I’m definitely paraphrasing and abbreviating the whole day, but the important bits are here. My husband did not have cuckolding in mind; just sharing me. The cuckolding and consequent denial were my idea. Rather than try to do this with the grammatical flair of a novelist, I’ll just use “C” to represent me talking, and “H” for hubby to represent him talking. I’ll never forget the phrase he started this chat with…   H: “Let’s talk about sex.” C:...

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Introducing Ourselves

Hi readers. We are an experienced cuckold couple, no kids, who have been living this way since just before we walked down the aisle. It was my husband’s idea to begin with but I have agreed to go down this path with him and have taken us both further down that path than he anticipated. This aspect of our marriage has become part of what keeps it new, spices it up and glues it together. It is definitely not for everyone, in fact not for most, but over time we have both developed a deep understanding of how and...

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