Introduction To Cuckolding

For one spouse to express this concept to another is an act of love and trust. Skeptical as you might be, being here is a great start to having an open mind and an even closer marriage.

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Tending The Marital Garden

A simplified analogy to provide perspective on the role of a lover within the marriage.

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Cuckolding: A Love Triangle

Integrating another male into the marriage as the wife’s boyfriend is rewarding and safe when practiced with a healthy perspective and in a responsible manner.

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The Biology of Cuckolding

Our base instincts and biology lead us to cuckolding.

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Interracial Cuckolding

The added contrast and taboo of a black lover is, for many couples, the epitome of cuckolding.

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Cuckold Denial

Denial for a cuckold isn’t about eliminating pleasure or cutting them off ,but rather controlling their sexuality to ensure attention is focused on the wife and her bull(s).

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An Enjoyable Cuckolding Environment

Welcoming a lover inside your wife is only the first step for you both in establishing and maintaining a healthy cuckolding environment.

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Family Friendly Cuckolding

Non-explicit methods to enforce a positive message about a wife’s dating rather than allowing their own perception to frighten them.

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Boyfriend Integration

A more in-depth look at how a hotwife/cuckold couple can effectively and safely integrate her boyfriend into a family environment and why it’s a good idea.

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A Loving Violation
A Loving Violation

I believe this is an accurate and concise definition of contemporary cuckolding. […]

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Cuckolding is often seen from the outside as simply a casual sex opportunity, but to truly enjoy it as a lifestyle, couples need to explore the mental and emotional aspects of enabling other males to have a sexual role in the marriage.

Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving marriage and extends it to include one or more males to play a specific, sexual role within the marriage.

For a guided tour through the basics of cuckolding – and beyond – continue reading below and follow the large, blue buttons for a ‘guided tour’ of featured topics.

a hotwife, embraced from behind by a black boyfriend holds her husband's small penis in her hand.A Loving, Erotic Cuckold Marriage

The image right is an excellent example of a loving, cuckold marriage dynamic. Wife, husband, lover are all involved. The wife is being touched, reassured and pleased by both her men and in return, is pleasing them both – just in different ways.

  • Wives become hotwives and are empowered to embrace life as a more sexual being
  • Husbands embrace their submissive, supportive role, improving marital ties
  • Wives commit themselves sexually to superior lovers, with their husband’s support

cuckold-symbolThis seems counter intuitive, but when a couple can capitalize on something that divides most couples, they become much stronger. For many couples, both partners seek an experience they can’t find between the two of them.

When the love & companionship components of the marriage are fully satisfying, but the sexual component isn’t, it makes little sense to give up a great relationship simply to enjoy better sex. It also makes little sense to give up enjoying a fulfilling sexual experience when you have the foundation needed to have it all.

When practiced properly, cuckolding will bring a couple closer together & greatly increase intimacy despite of and also because of the intimacy the wife now shares with her lover.

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Asylum Chastity Brace

This chastity device not only maintains strict, secure control of a cuckold’s penis, it also keeps it impaled on a hollow, urethral insert which allows for longer duration use.

Penis Shock Collar

Though designed for use around the neck, the training collar can just as easily be secured about a cuckold’s much more sensitive dangly bits to deliver adjustable feedback with a handy remote!

Magnus Mighty Magnets

Mighty magnets can be use on nipples, the penis, scrotum, and labia to produce an erotic sensation of pressure without having to attach anything.

The Fuck Bench

Who can’t imagine some use for this? Suitable for use by cuckold or hotwife, the possibilities are near endless.