Beautiful News

[pullquote_left]I am still hopeful that e & b will find the time to write of their journey, but until that time, I will try to keep you all up-to-date.[/pullquote_left]

Becoming An Active Hotwife

Since my first post to introduce them, e has had two erotic adventures in cuckolding her husband. I was proud to hear that she did so of her own choosing, without consulting him first, knowing it was her right to invite a lover inside her if she so chose. Her cuckold was ecstatic, of course, and the experience helped reinforce the importance of fully adopting the hotwife values in e’s daily life. I’ve heard from both that her behavior and style of dress day to day has changed and now more closely reflects her status as a sexually available hotwife.

Familiar Cock, New Perspective

As I said in my introductory post about this couple, their journey really began when e took a lover at work. Yes, she was cheating. After weeks, if not months of talking to b about their situation, they had a breakthrough conversation about what was going on and e broke it off with her boyfriend in order to sort things out with her husband.

Last night I got the news from b that e had been in a social setting with her ex-boyfriend where things got cozy and their personal chemistry led them to coupling. This time, though, e was eager to share this with her husband and proudly returned to him still carrying her lover’s warm seed inside her. Over the following two weeks, e and her ‘re-boyfriend’ have coupled 5 times and as a couple, e & b couldn’t be happier about it.

I did ask b what e had told her lover about the marital situation since she had broken off their original relationship when it became an open topic. Her explanation to him was that they now had a mutual understanding where there was a “one way open marriage” indicating that her husband would remain faithful while she explored her sexuality with others of her choosing. While this is suitable to start with, longterm her lover will need a much deeper understanding of their lifestyle and needs.

Making Him Welcome

To this end, I spoke with b about next steps. They had already discussed having a more detailed discussion with him to help deepen his understanding of the lifestyle and his role in it. I also learned that b has been around her lover, socially, a couple times now since his wife and he ‘reunited’ and reported that the interchange was notably more comfortable this time.

I suggested to b that they invite her lover to their home, perhaps a bit later in the evening after their child is ready for bed so both can focus on the task at hand.

I also suggested that they both greet him at the door and that she kiss him warmly and deeply in front of her husband to indicate to her lover that their intimacy isn’t something they need to hide from b. To reinforce that non-verbal communication, I also encouraged e to wear something overtly revealing and intimate – something that she would be very unlikely to wear with a standard guest – something that she would only wear around family or with someone she’d been intimate with. I suggested something gauzy, something slightly sheer and to wear only her panties beneath it as having her breasts somewhat visible for him would give that impression of intimacy – especially with her husband present.

All of these details are designed to give her lover a sense of comfort and acceptance at a point which is certain to be a bit anxious for everyone. Yes, she told him that her husband was supportive of her relationship with him, but is he really supportive or just having to accept her wishes? With these two relatively simple acts, much of the situation will be communicated instantly and without need for explanation.

I have coached b to give e and her boyfriend room/time together so they don’t feel crowded or as though they are a spectacle. It’s natural for b to want to watch them interact, but there is plenty of time for that in the weeks and months ahead if it continues on that track.

After the couple has gotten cozy, I’ve instructed b to report to his wife that he’ll be in the guest room if they need anything – the signal that she can now take her boyfriend to the bedroom to show him the next level of their commitment to this lifestyle. Before b leaves them together, I’ve suggested he make a comment about their being room for him at breakfast so he knows he is welcome to spend the night in their marital bed if he so chooses.

Necessity of Cuckold Sacrifice

This turn of events has been very exciting for both e and b as one would expect and it has created a lot of sexual tension that has been relieve through intercourse. This was perfectly acceptable and expected, I told b, but as things move forward, this needs to change.

Starting two days before their night together at home, b will be cut off from intercourse so she is ready and eager for her lover. From that point on, b will only enter her following her intercourse with her lover, never before, and only if she invites it.

Also, b will cease spurting inside her, leaving that pleasure, appropriately,  to her lover. This sacrifice will make an already enjoyable experience much more meaningful for both e and her lover.

I hope to hear more on the formal arrangements for this night soon…stay tuned.