Captivating, isn’t it?

Yes, she’s pretty and it’s very sexy to see her nude, bound and gagged, presumably for her lover, her Dom, but of more importance in having a proper frame of reference is to appreciate the submission inherent in this image.

How She Got There

If you consider her cuckold as the one who bathed her, shaved her legs, her sex – all nice and smooth for their Dom, then buckled her into the restraints according to their Dom’s  directions before taking his traditional seat, you begin to appreciate this simple image a bit more.


Ritualized Submission

The use of bondage, exhibitionism, sensation play, or any of the other aspects of sexuality is to the hotwife what chastity, denial and CBT are to the cuckold: ritualized submission that creates obvious and intense opportunities to express submission.[/pullquote_left]


Notice her alignment on the bed. Her pretty blonde head faces the foot of the bed instead of the headboard. Was it to capture the image of  the red ball-gag in her mouth? Perhaps, but I would point out that this one small change will have a significant impact on the experience shared by this couple with their Dom.

A Visual Bond

I would make this choice as a Dom knowing that her husband has already seen her sex yield to my cock many times by now and though that still holds tremendous erotic to show him that, it can be even more erotic to deny him that view and instead, encourage and enforce eye contact. I would hold her blonde head up by her hair and tell her to look at him so they can communicate silently while I enjoy her body in the numerous ways possible in such a scenario.