E & B took a bit of a break once her first extramarital romance began to cool. The couple reunited, so to speak, making love frequently and sharing in the energy created through her coupling with her first boyfriend as a hotwife. To put things in perspective, this relationship wasn’t without baggage as this man was not only her boss, but someone she had begun an affair with before she knew what being a hotwife is.

Course Correction

Following their break in the lifestyle, E has found a new man – one with alleged prior experience with a couple and they’ve been dating for almost two months. E has chosen to keep things a bit secretive at this point and though ordinarily I would be very critical of that, I do have faith in her that she is doing this for effect and not with hurtful intent. E is seeing her new man after work perhaps as often as 3x a week – a good average. As for B, E’s faithful husband and cuckold hasn’t been inside his wife since May.


In addition to keeping some of the details of her new relationship secret at this point, E has also exhibited other signs of her new man’s influence on her. At home she has been very shy with allowing her cuckold to see her nude body – a significant change from her usual behavior. E and I have discussed on more than one occasion the benefits of using just the sight of her body to arouse and motivate her cuckold, so I can only believe that this change is a reflection of her new boyfriend’s guidance with some as yet unknown intent in mind. The other change, perhaps also due in part to her new boyfriend is E’s new focus on fitness. A beautiful woman already, E, I’m told by B, has trimmed her weight and gained muscle tone which her cuckold and presumably her boyfriend is finding very appealing.

Phase II

The next step, which E & B have been discussing, is to have her new man home for an intimate dinner at home to make him feel comfortable in their home and in their marriage as her lover. If all goes as I expect, her new man will also take his rightful place in their marital bed quite soon, if not that night.