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    Hi there everyone, we are enjoying the lifestyle, and even though we aren’t a true full cuckold couple in the bare sense, I would say rather a Stag/Vixen couple to be honest, I still require some advice from those who have gems to share.

    Basically I’ll tell it as it is. My wife has over the past two years had 6 lovers, and all the encounters we have had with them have been great. The problem is that two of those 6 have gone from the bull/lover role into the boyfriend role, now this is a great thing when it works, she enjoys the attention, flirting and emotional connections they share. Unfortunately, as I am sure this happens most of the time, this relationship dies down after a while, because it’s fun when it is a new and exciting thing, but they always end up hurting her and moving on because of their own reasons.

    Now I know that generally speaking these boyfriend relationships have an expiry date and that in extremely rare occasions this could blossom into a long term, healthy, poly-amorous relationship. My question or questions are(and excuse me if this sounds stupid):

    1. How do I as the husband of a hotwife, make sure that she is fulfilled emotionally so that when this inevitability does occur, that she is not as hurt by it(this is where I may sound dumb) because it’s not a conventional marriage, so I would appreciate any other inside tips that I may have missed.

    2. Is there any advice on how to manage her expectations, and when I do say this I mean it in terms of others’ stories and experiences so that we can see if we are approaching this wrong.

    Any good advice would be highly welcomed.

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    not sure there are easy answers. any hurt emotionally by a relationship failure or normal ending is part of life and we ought to be able to pick self up and move on .ideally with partners support. keeping busy and active is best.
    as not or even been in that situation I cant offer effective answers but one always tries to assist in any areas one can

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    I’m not a one night stand girl either like your wife and have much preferred to have steady lovers over a period of time where a mutual trust and understanding can be built up.
    Inevitably if there are more than a couple of meets then some sort of emotional connection will be made. I’ve never been able to completely ‘divorce’ myself from some sort of attachment with the bulls that I’ve had over the years (and that’s not many).
    I’ve had to accept that when one of there ‘attachments’ ends then there is bound to be some sadness and I’m a little down for a while. My husband is my pillar however, he patiently waits for me to come back to life, supports me and doesn’t push even though I know it effects him too.
    I do feel fulfilled emotionally by my husband, it just takes a little time to realise it again sometimes.
    As to managing her expectations, for me that came with experience I’m afraid.

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