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      I had a great time after striking up a conversation with a couple, in town for the week, while at my local bar one evening in NYC. They were in town from AZ with their neighbor to see the city while she was attending a trade event for work. We talked about where we were from, how they met, their kids, what I do for work in nyc, and views on life in general. At one point, in passing, I mention my relationship with a couple during my senior year of college.

      After a couple cocktails, I realized she had begun to move closer, standing between my legs (her back yo me) as I was sitting on a barstool. I make eye contact with him as he nods to me and she places her hand on the inside of my leg. My cock grew as I nonchalantly reached to take another sip of my drink and he excused himself to the bathroom. She proceeds to turn around and discreetly tease me with a finger.. after a pause and extended eye contact, she whispers “we have permission” before she grabs my now-hard cock and we both lean in for a light-tongued kiss.

      The husband, a true gentleman, now back from the bathroom, ordered us another round, picked up the tab, and decided to retire for the evening leaving the hotel key with his wife, letting her know he would be staying in their neighbor’s room that night.

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      I received this text the next week.

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