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      This is to all the cuckolds who are into humiliation.

      How does your wife humiliate you?

      Does she humiliate you only in private or in front of friends/family?

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      My wife and her boyfriend like to keep their relationship more or less private. I do enjoy that she has a lover especially if she talks about it after a date but what is humiliating is when she refuses me sex because it ‘can’t compare with him’. I have to go in another room and try to masturbate. When we are out she feels free to flirt and I enjoy that but find it hard when someone asks me ‘don’t you mind that?’ I never know what to say.

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      Hi Denied,

      That is very humiliating indeed!

      Next time someone says ‘don’t you mind?’ just say ‘No, if my wife is happy then im happy’.

      Your wife is absolutely right. You cannot compare to him. This is because ultimately, we are cuckolds and live to serve our wives.

      Your wife deserves a man who can satisfy her and we as cuckolds cannot do that so we focus on other needs.

      Humiliation is like a power element for our wives. This puts them in control and powerful.

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        Some things that may be humiliating in some situations is exciting in others. Possible over time it is not humiliating but exciting. Love it all.

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      Constant denial and making fun of my masculinity. Love her

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      Are there quite a few people that know that you’re wife dates other men? I have told my wife that she is free to date anyone she would like whenever she would like but as of yet she has no interest. But if that ever occurs I suspect I would encourage her and support her if other people knew. “Of course she doesn’t with my full approval”

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      My wife enjoys little zingers around friends. Such as thats the most attention he has gotten lately. Or he should be in his cage right now. All while nude in our hot tub.

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      Mostly in private or with a bull around. She will happily tell me how fast I cum or how small I am, especially compared to another man because she knows it turns me on, turns her bull on and turns her on.

      She hasn’t done it too much in front of people we know but she does have several friends she’s told abour our lifestyle and she’s enjoyed watching me blush as she’s talked about it in front of me.

      For instance, there’s a family friend of ours and she was talking about her lack of sex life since her hubbies on medication and has no interest in sex. My wife then suggested alternative lifestyles such as becoming a hotwife. She didn’t know what that was so she explained and went on to explain how I give no real satisfaction either so its how she finds fulfillment.

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      I wouldn’t humiliate my husband in front of friends and family. I’d keep it for when we are in bed, or on our own.

      But I would find a way to turn him on with certain looks at certain times, like when a well built black guy walks by pahahahaha

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        Well stated Miss Anna

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      My wife doesn’t humiliates me in “explicit ways” but it has happened as a result of some daily life situations and talks, sometimes intentionally I think.
      – When we were in a lingerie store and she asked me which set Marcos (our Bull’s name) would prefer. It was natural for her to ask me that, but I felt humiliated as I am sure the vendors and other women around could listen. I answered “I think he’ll like you in purple” and after, there’s no doubt for anyone there I was a cuckold.
      – Other situations were in the beggining when she talked to me about their sexual performance. She didn’t say anything to humiliate me but praising him and talking about his superiority is almost the same.
      – We can see the cuckold routine as humiliation to. Help her to prepare for another man, drive her to his place and so on.

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        I know what you mean hun, I feel exactly the same. Especially if the guy is well built I go weak at the knees! 🙂

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      My wife made me take off my pants and underwear in the room in front of her lover while they were in bed together. She has also told some of her girlfriends, which really puts me in my place and reinforces the fact that she is in charge of her sex life.

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      Humiliation it’s not part of our Hotwife Cuckold lifestyle. Our choice is total pleasure for the Hotwife. We do not do verbally do humiliation either in public. However, we understand the humiliation part of the action(s) in itself even out in public when the Hotwife is kissing or holding her Bull’s hand with me the cuckold standing nearby. This action is a form of humiliation. Me the Cuckold here has and always will be expected to eat the creampie out of my Hotwife and if demanded to will clean her lovers cock. At all times me the Cuckold here always eats all cum from my wife’s pussy that her lover has ejaculated in or on to my Hotwife, whether it’s on her face, tits, pussy or in her pussy or mouth it always has been a given to me the Cuckold. I have always upon request or by demand have cleaned or sucked the Bull’s cock and many times has guided his cock into my Hotwife. My wife will often say to her lover in front of me how much she looks forward to having a nice cock in her, or how much she is looking forward to feeling good. Along with when she is in the middle of a love making session to hear here say to her lover. Your big cock feels go good in me, or it feels so go for once to have a man last long and to fill me up. Although she is complimenting her lover, I am right there to hear all this and that while not directed right at me is in itself a great form of humiliation. Yes, this greatly turns me on!

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      For us, it’s definitely a part of it, but it’s mostly private. She tells me how much she wants the other man, and afterwards how much she enjoyed the sex, how great it was, how much bugger he was and she loved that and cannot wait to be with him again.
      I suppose, in some ways, it’d be humiliating enough, for many men, just knowing thier wife desired other men, not to mention actually enjoyed them. One thing that is both exhilarating and humiliating was hearing her whisper in my ears how he’s the best fuck she’s ever had, by far. That took alot to sink in.
      Our relationship dynamic is one that i am never to interfere. Only watch. I’m allowed to play with myself during, but never interfere. Watch only. I’m also never allowed to cum inside her unless another man has. It’s been that way our entire relationship, and the fact is, at this point, I ave found can’t cum in her, or even get aroused and stay hard for very long unless she has another man’s cum inside her. I don’t know why. I’m sure it’s psychological, but I guess that’s the way my brain has been trained in our relationship.

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