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    Hi Folks……….Samuel here live between Chester and Wolverhampton. Looking for nice laid back and relaxed couple for ltr. One off aren’t my thing. I like to take my time and get to know the couple specifically their kinks, desires and cravings and build on that. I am clean, sane, patient and can effortlessly adapt both socially and sexually….. so if you are new or considering this as a way of life……..lets chat.

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    Hello Sam..nice profile. Cant promise we would be right for you or vice versa..but hey ho worth a go. Check out our posts on here or alternatively our blog on google blogger


    been let down so many times..


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    Hi Bob,
    Thanks you for the reply. I think disappointment is part of the parcel when it comes to cuckolding. Too many yet to understand the true meaning of it and that it has nothing to do with swinging where its just physical…….its about sustained assault on the mind to meet our desires and cravings…..you can tell i put lot of effort on my profile…..please let me know what you guys seek? what do you the cuck want? what does the wife want? Happy to chat on phone and exchange photo to verify my self……


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    Hello Sam,

    Firstly let me say my wife is not a gorgeous model. She is not a slim beautiful woman. She is a lovely lady whom I love dearly, I do not want to have her hurt anymore by liars and twats. She is 5ft tall chunky and nearly 50 years old. But she is a pretty dirty minx and is up for anything.
    The feelings I experience when she cuckolds me are indescribable. My emotions are torn to shreds, my jealousy is ripping thru me, the angst inside me at not being able to make love to her whilst another can is gut wrenching. The fact that they laugh at my pain and ridicule my leaking erect cock as it throbs and aches for release…yet is left to painfully subside drives me insane. When she comes home and shows me her cum filled panties…then sits on my face to give me my reward my head spins with lust and jealousy. But through all this pain and anguish, the emotions I feel are so powerful they are like nothing else..including making love to her myself. I am permanently denied when my wife has a lover..no cumming..EVER. It drives me crazy..but I love it. Especially when she edges me.

    The benefits for her, I shower her with attention, I kiss her more…I buy her gifts, I will do anything for her.. I become a better husband. She gets a new lover who will pleasure her more than I do.

    If you wanna swap pics see if we match then sure.


    PS made me hard writing that…I am a cuck 🙂

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    Hi Bob….I appreciate your honesty. But i expected it from seasoned cuck like you. Your existence….your marriage….your life pivots around your inability to give the woman of your life what she deserves……therefore seeking someone worthy of her both affection. I realise you mentioned looks….to me personality and compatibility is far more important. As a (Dom) Bull i craving violating the sanctity of a marriage or a relatinship. A couple devoted to each other now need a bridge to bring them closer…..in the form of a Bull a lover. I want to make your white wife into my princess and a fuck toy. She will recieve my undivided and unconditional affection who she is….a married cock slut. I seek ltr…..are yiu and your lady prepare to give up her womb for my cum only…..if so lets chat on phone before exchange photo….

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    Hi Bob…..you been quite, are you ok?


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    Daniel McFearson (wannabe cuck)

    Good posting, sounds less threatening than others 🙂

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