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      We are long time married ( 55 ) and we were curious about exploring as my wife calls it the taboo world.
      We started slow by going to clubs and naked beaches, resorts.
      She is a beautiful blonde with fabulous breasts and thick build , she was like a magnet to interracial bulls.
      Airports , grocery stores , beaches , always getting hit on and I knew it was only a matter of time
      We went to a club in NYC and she was having a heavy conversation with this one nice looking young black gentlemen and I was mostly watching from afar. I couldn’t believe that he was kissing her and how turned on I was getting.
      She came over and said she wanted her first experience to be interracial and she had him picked out as the one and that she was willing to do what ever he says.
      I was nervous excited and didn’t know what was in store
      We went to our hotel room and when he turned to me and said you just watch how I do what ever I want to your lovely wife. He told her to tell me to be quiet and obey him.
      I knew right then I was enjoying this mild humiliation and wanted my wife to be taken
      She came so hard and so many times and it lasted so long . She gave no resistence and my wife who has never been too verbal said things that night I never thought I would hear
      Since then we have met him and a couple others and she makes me sit and watch and do what I am told
      She said she loves performing for me and she has so much confidence in her sexual awareness.

      This is so new to us and me and I am taking it one day at a time
      I know this is not a real cuckhold because we are just getting started but who knows where it is going
      Do you see that your wife does things with the bull like swallow anal that she has never done with you? Do you think it is the size of the bull cock or just the whole scene
      Still not sure why I like this and I have stop analyzing for now , I am just having fun.
      Hope you liked my story and please comment and tell me your first times
      Ask me anything

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      Fortunately, I do get to watch. My wife has a huge number of black boyfriends. We live in a neighborhood that is predominately black and in an area that has a large number of blacks.

      When I asked my wife, Lorna, to fuck other guys, her first guy was black. That was all it took. She became black only immediately and cut me off from having any pussy (I have been feminized and get a lot of black cock, too).

      I love watching Lorna. She loves having more than one guy at a time. The more the better for her. We are both 25 at the time of this writing. She has great tits and a great body. Her tits have a beautiful bounce to them while she gets fucked, and watching those tits is such a huge turn-on for me.

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        We were in the lifestyle for about a year before we tried interracial. Roger had been encouraging me for sometime and we watch a lot of IR porn. Now we have some great relationships with black couples and guys and I try to get some black cock at least once a month. Roger says I now have a BBC addicktion, lol. He loves to watch me, especially if there are two black guys and me. He takes pics and video that we watch when we play.

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      We started as naturists, and after a couple light but pleasant experiences as “vacation swingers” we decided to join a swing club back at home.

      Like most new couples we preferred to play with other couples who were young (late 20s) and white like us. Our play was standard swinger stuff: Lots of bisexuality among the women, followed by wife swapping. Our swing club allowed “select” single men and we noticed that – even though club membership was around 90% white – the majority of the single men were black. The couples in our “clique” were judgemental of the couples who took up with the single black men and would generally not associate with them.

      As we got to know couples in our “regular set” better, one couple confessed to us the wife was playing with one of the single BBCs – and keeping it “on the down-low”. They didn’t want to be ostracized from our play group. My wife spoke at length with this couples’ wife, and the seed was planted. With encouragement from this couple and myself, my wife was interested in trying BBC.

      The next week, at the advice of our friends, we arrived at the club earlier than usual. This was the time the single males arrived, and there was a different group of couples at this time. This group was clearly here for the males, and as usual, most of the males were black. It was competitive. An attractive BBC would have two or three couples fighting over him. My wife was younger and more attractive than most of the other wives there, so we managed to land an attractive, well-built BBC. Thinking back, it was a little like a Walmart “Black Friday” with couples fighting over the last remaining BBCs.

      We took our new friend into a private room and I watched this dark handsome man seduce my lovely wife. It was something I will never forget. Nothing we had yet experienced as swingers matched this level of intensity. He was as well-endowed as we was well-built, and he delivered multiple full-body, deep-vaginal orgasms to my wife. The visuals of my white wife tangled up with this big dark man drove me wild. The experience was a “game changer”.

      Now WE were regulars among the “early set” competing for BBC. At first, like our friends, we kept this on the “down-low”, but it was hard for my wife to muster desire for our all-white clique after having already been ravished by BBC that night. My wife began to lose interest in couples, women… the usual swinger scene.

      An older couple we knew (and had played with once) saw us leaving a private room with a BBC, with my wife looking like she had been rode hard. They pulled me aside and warned me that they had seen women get addicted to BBC, and their husbands turned into cuckolds. I tried to brush it off, yet the idea excited me. For the first time I realized that I desired the cuckold life.

      My wife became more brazen in her appetite for BBC, and members of our young all-white clique began to disassociate from us, and the “early set” became our new clique. They tended to be more hotwife and cuckold oriented and this matched our tastes much better. They helped us on our way to the cuckold life we live today.

      Attached is one of the photos I took in our private room that first night of my wife and her first BBC. Thank you for reading!

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      @DD it sounds like you are well on your way to being a “real” cuckold couple! You asked “is it the size of the bull cock or just the whole scene”? We think definitely both. It’s a fun, naughty taboo for you and the Bull! Part of the thrill is to see your wife “owned” and doing things for him (anal, swallowing) that she does not do for you. Your wife loves the “performance” aspect and has found new confidence! These are important traits in a hot wife and it appears she has them! Did the experience make you feel submissive? Did the Bull give you orders?

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      SubHub, your experience is absolutely awesome. After I asked my wife to fuck others and she agreed, her very first guy was black. She immediately went black only after that. There are NO regrets.

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        @Gerald G, it’s funny how quickly, once given the chance and support of her husband, a white wife will “go black”. I do believe there is a natural attraction there. As a matter of fact, I really believe that the long history of tension between black and white races can be attributed to the fact that we are actually wildly attracted to one another.

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      My wife, Lorna, LOVES black cock. I don’t know if it is a natural attraction as you describe or if it is because her first guy was black and she had the most incredible orgasms with him or just what, but she has been black only now for nearly 6 years. She loves it and so do I. NO REGRETS at all.

      Gracie: chick with a dick

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      I’m in the Chicago-land area and the only success I’ve had finding white cuck couples was through swingers sites.

      I love your story about your first time!

      That’s a fantasy of mine to meets couple out and it happen spontaneously like you described!

      So I guess I’ll keep mining sites until I hit that trifecta!

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        Bobby Sir, You have a great avatar photo, just add some more details to your profile and You will get some interest from the many real cuckold couples on this site.

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      I have not posted in awhile , years after our first encounter that I told the story above , we continued to seek out younger black men. We are now in our sixties and she has enjoyed many usually MM but once in a club , when the first one was done and my wife was getting dressed another BBC came in the room ,said she isn’t done , I left to get some water for her when I got back he was leaving and a third came in ,, seeing surrender in my wife , swollen pussy , he took off his pants turned her over pounded her and left…never seen that much cum ,she looked at me and said fuck me which I did…even thou I am not in the so called cuckhold life because we still have great sex ,, she enjoys being seduced , the latest on a beach , at night , I brought the blanket behind a dune and kept look out ,,,it’s a good thing my wife is a quiet lover. Covid slowed us down not sure we will play like that again but I never give up hope ..I do miss the humiliation those bulls would give me ..

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      After our kids left the house, we decided to trying swinging again. We had swapped with our next-door neighbors in grad school. I quickly found out white men with small dicks were not highly sought after. It soon became threesums with well-endowed men for her. Like your wife mine seemed to a black man magnet. She was a very busty BBW. A young black man contacted us on a swinger’s site. He was younger, very well-muscled, and had a huge uncircumcised cock. When she saw his photos on the site, she agreed to meet him. She had grown up in a small southern town with bigoted parents. This would be a first, a black man and an uncircumcised cock.

      We met him at a bar. After a couple of drinks, he had his arm around feeling up a tit. She told me to go get a hotel room. After thirty minutes, she entered the room with her bra and panties in her hand. She said she had never seen a cock as long and as thick his. She said he would be up as soon as his cock got soft and he could zip up his pants. After a few minutes, he came up to the room. She was already naked in the bed. He stripped and went to the bed. Even with his cock soft, it was twice as big as mine. He placed his cock at her lips. As she sucked him his cock grew to a huge size. I didn’t think she could take it. I was sitting directly behind them with view of her spread legs. I watched as he climbed between them and started rubbing his cock up and down her slit and rubbing her clit. After a couple of minutes, he started pushing his cock in with small pushes. With each push, she opened up a little more. When the head went in, her legs went up and she moaned “OMG”. The shaft of his cock was even bigger than the head. He held his cock head inside for a minute or two. Then he started pushing a little more in with each stroke. She was being stretched more than I thought possible. She had three orgasms before he finally had his balls resting on her butt. She had one when the head popped in and two more before he had it all in. He let her rest for a minute kissing and sucking her breasts. Then he started stroking it almost all the way out and back in a little faster with each stroke. Soon, he was pounding her and she was in a continuous orgasm. They fucked in several different positions over the next hour and a half.

      He invited us to several parties. They turned out to be parties for the Wifes to be serviced by black men. She found another black man she liked as well. She would end up doing both of them each night. One night, she said a condom broke. She said they didn’t realize it until he came. She said bare felt so much better and since it happened once there was no reason to wear one after that. One night on the way home, she said he had asked her to come to his house alone. She told me she had accepted his invitation.

      The day she went was one of the longest days of my life. I couldn’t concentrate on work. When she finally came home, she looked like she was wiped out. I asked her what happened. She said he told her the only way she could tell me is if I agreed to lick his cum from her pussy. I reluctantly agreed. When she laid down on the bed, her pussy was covered with cum. It was gaping open and leaking. She was so sensitive that she climaxed easily and often. Each time she squeezed more out more cum. She told me all the details. She said he hadn’t ejaculated in several days. She said the first couple of times it felt like a douche. He added one more load in her pussy and one on her tits. He told her if I cleaned her, I was now their cuckold.

      When he calls, she goes to his house normally alone.

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      Great story 40H , I enjoy that she enjoys ,, the orgasms are so tense , My wife , as soon as he enters her , shivers and orgasms hard , right away , seeing her orgasm on another cock is rewarding for both of us , her for sure,
      ,in 40 yrs of marriage to get her off I need to touch or lick her never just from my cock but she will release hard on a bbc cock ,, just from fucking ,, amazing

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