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        My sub was back in London. He loves to watch how i come from another men, getting pleased and fucked….

        and this time he wanted to see me to get fucked from a hot black bull.. The best thing is to arrange a massage – this is a hot turn on for me – being on a massage table and my sub has to watch everything.. i love to get a messy massage with oil – first. This is the best way to start my cuckold session. I told my sub – to arrange a hot black guy with a big and thick dick to our upscale hotel. And he did as i told him…

        This time he arranged a black and young guy – as i told him… we started with couple of cocktails in the upscale hotel suite – I had a towel around my body and he was already exited to see me with another guy, getting a massage and getting horny already.


        Someone was knocking at our hotel suite and he opened the door. A hot and young guy entered the hotel room. And he told me – hopp on my massage table… He started to get me un-dressed and i was on my stomach .

        He started pouring warm oil on my back. rubbing my back down and across. Then on my sides. He was very gentle and i loved it – almost drifting off to sleep I had a towel on my legs and my ass to cover up a little bit. After a while he uncovered my ass. My sub could have now a better look on my ass, and my curves and a part of my pussy. He did not yet – touch my ass. but he separated my legs. Then the “bull” walked around the massage table and he pulled my legs a litte bit apart to massage my foot, and legs . And now i revealed my pussy more and more . Now he massaged my ass. My sub grabbed his camera and took some pics my legs separated and my pussy open . the bull told me – to turn around – and i did. I was so horny and i looked at my sub – i could see – that he had a big dick in his pants… ” you like what you see – i can tell” watch and learn how he massages me” . Now he rubbed oil on my shoulders and on my chest and on my big breasts. I was now totally naked and i loved the whole attention, being watched and get an erotic massage. I was already wet between my legs.

        I told him ” rub my clit with your fingers – i need to feel you on my clit” i opened my legs more and more and the “bull” placed a lot of oil on my pussy and he started to rub my clit with one finger and with the other hand he managed to massage my breast. My sub came over and placed my hand on the cock of the “bull” . Open your pants – i love to see how she plays with your dick.” He opened his pants and took his big cock out and i was able to tough is big dick.

        My sub came over and i told him ” prepare me for my bull – lick me – make me wet so he can fuck me. He spread my legs much wider and the bull started to get between my legs with is tongue and i moaned as he started to lick me. ” The bull put one finger in my pussy and finger fucked me at the same time .I know i could not hold back and my body was shaking. My nipples harder and i came hard. At the same time the bull placed his big dick on my clit – rubbed it up and down on my wet slit. Now his fat mushroom head was near my cunt and with one push his dick was in me. his dick stretched my pussy a little bit and i loved it. I ordered my sub ” rub my clit and watch how my bull fucks me hard. you will never be able to fuck me like that . My sub could take a closer look at the action. And he did some pics – pics how i get fucked from a big black dick . Now you have to lick me at the same time i get fucked… my sub came closer and put his Toung on my clit and at the same time i got fucked so good and so hard… And at some point i told my sub -” open your mouth – and take his dick in your mouth – taste my pussy and lick my pussy juice . My sub opened his mouth – wide and the bull placed his dick in my subs mouth for a few strokes. ” Good boy” i told my sub… “now get back in my pussy ” i told my bull and he did fuck me again…

        I could not hold it anymore and i need to cum – i had another orgasm and now the bull was almost ready to cum, too . With couple of stokes – fucking me harder and deeper – then he pulled out and with 2-3 strokes his load came on my stomach. ” now come over and clean up his mess” My sub did as i told him…what a great and hot cuckold session … next time he is in Manhattan, New York City and i can’t wait to get a hot and young bull from NYC…

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