Much of the ‘adult content’ intended to represent the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle is anything but erotica. The porn and erotica landscape is replete with implausible scenarios and insincere characters committing something that’s nowhere near the reality of a hotwife and cuckold marriage.

It is because of that I am so pleased to announce the publishing of an original and genuinely erotic work by one of our members:

Smashwords – The Cuckold Path (Book 1 of “The One Less Traveled”) – a book by J.C. Wittol


The sun hung just above the horizon, refusing to relinquish its hold until it had inflicted the requisite amount of heat and humidity on the Texas Hill Country. Despite the temperature, a beautiful sunset unfolded over the undulating hills covered by Oak and Cedar trees. A rolling carpet of green and gold spread out over the horizon and it would have been beautiful on any other night.
I didn’t feel the heat or the humidity, and I couldn’t focus on the landscape. My brain, my heart, and my attention focused like a laser beam on the person in the passenger seat. Sure, my eyes were on the road and I was happy the week had finally ended, but I couldn’t shake the sense that my life and my marriage were hurtling towards a cliff. I knew the cliff was there. I’d studied it, walked the edge and looked over the side. I knew the risk and I still drove like a lunatic towards it.
The plain truth is that I’d wanted this night to happen. Stopping or changing course wasn’t an option, because I wanted, no needed, to punch the gas, drive off the side, and feel the freedom only found in taking a risk. What lay on the other side of my decision, I had no idea, but I knew deep inside that I couldn’t wear the burden of safety any longer.
Life belongs to those willing to live it.
I stopped the car at the curb, shut off the engine, and glanced at my wife of sixteen years. “Wow. Nice place he has here.”
“It is, isn’t it?” She offered me a quick smile, before her eyes joined mine in viewing the property. “Collin just bought it last week. He said he liked the overall style and floor plan, but the large lot and privacy it provides really sealed the deal.”
“How much room does he have?”
“A ton,” she replied. “More than he’ll ever need. It’s a five acre lot, and he’s got a ton of room behind the house.”
The home in question stood a good fifty yards from the street, and while trees covered the ground in front of it, we could still see its size and beauty. Spanish style architecture, with arches, earth-toned stucco and wrought iron accents, it sat surrounded by meticulously manicured grounds, more mansion than home. A brick path, softly lit by small lights, wound around several beautiful oak trees before finally ending at a courtyard gate. A man stood just outside the gate, waiting. He offered us a friendly wave, but didn’t move.
My wife smiled and waved back to him. Excitement colored her every movement and emanated from her in waves. She couldn’t wait to leave our car.
“I am officially impressed,” I muttered under my breath and then offered her another smile. I hoped it looked reassuring, maybe even excited, but truthfully, I suspected I missed that expression by a mile. “You look amazing honey. Have fun and call me when you need me to pick you up.”
“Thanks, babe. I’ll do my best to check in with you this weekend.” She said as she slid out of our car and closed the door. Her eagerness to leave and start her weekend showed in her every action. “I’m not sure what Collin has planned, but he mentioned we’ll have a full weekend. He also asked me to dress sexy, so I think we’re going out later tonight.”
“Well, you definitely look sexy, damn sexy. Are you sure, you don’t want me to bring you some clothes or anything? You didn’t bring anything with you?” I was secretly hoping I would get to see her this weekend. Even if it was just to drop off some clothes.
“No, thank you. Collin said he has taken care of everything, including toiletries, and he’s taking me shopping tomorrow. I’ll be fine, honey. You can go now.”
She smiled at me one last time and then started up the pathway to the house. I wasn’t kidding when I said she looked amazing. I’d married well above my weight class.
Nicole was dressed to impress tonight. A tight-fitting lacy top clung to her body, and showed her ample cleavage. No bra tonight, so the outline of her nipples were clearly visible underneath the thin fabric. A matching skirt that fit tight around her waist, and flared outward as it draped over her hips, ended an inch or two below her ass. Her clothes accentuated her curves, and showed off her nicely muscled legs. Her skirt swayed as she moved away from the car and walked slowly up the path. She took her time, one step in front of the other, a runway model walk that accentuated the positive. She wanted her boyfriend, Collin, to have a good long look at the woman who would be spending the weekend with him. For his part, Collin’s smile grew larger as he enjoyed the view.
I watched her until she reached the gate and stepped in to his arms. They kissed intimately before he put his arm around her and steered her through the gate. I no longer existed to either of them. My wife had disappeared into the arms and house of her new boyfriend. Taking a deep breath, I started the car and pulled away from the sidewalk.
“Holy shit, what have we started?” I asked myself. “Where will it end?”

Smashwords – The Cuckold Path (Book 1 of “The One Less Traveled”) – a book by J.C. Wittol

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