For some years now I’ve operated a Tumblr site ( to help appeal to and draw in curious and active couples to our community. Tumblr (now owned by Verizon after it acquired Yahoo!) has decided to ban all adult content from the Tumblr network as of the 17th of this month. This was decided, or at least further motivated by Apple pulling their app from the App Store over accusations Tumblr hadn’t done enough to prevent the use of the platform to distribute¬† child pornography.

Tumblr has been an eco-sphere for the sex worker community (cam girls and the like) as well as alternative communities like our own who will all now need to find a new home. Twitter (@cuckoldmarriage) is of course an alternative and this community has been represented there for longer than I was on Tumblr, but I mainly post there automatically from here when I publish new articles and am not active on Twitter.

Many Tumblr refugees are trying out a Tumblr clone called – it’s a bit of a clone of Tumblr, but is rather rudimentary and certainly will not have the sort of back-end infrastructure to handle a crush of new users. In fact, the crush of new users and bandwidth may well end the platform if they cannot monetize it in some way to support the site’s costs to maintain. I have created a presence there ( and will see what comes of it.

Before the 17th deadline, I will remove all NSFW content from the Tumblr site leaving only some pointers for how to find us.