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One of the reasons this site was launched (FMSB.org was relaunched  in December, 2010 as CuckoldMarriage.info) was to create a better community environment. To make Cuckold Marriage (and the lifestyle) grow, we need to reach out to more couples and in order to do that, I need your help.

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Why Participation Matters

I get approached quite frequently by couples who tell me that this site either got them started or enabled them to move forward from simply fantasizing about the lifestyle to enjoying it as part of their marriage. While this is immensely rewarding for me, I’d really like to leverage those experiences here so others can also be inspired and motivated.

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If you would like a personal blog on Cuckold Marriage, contact me (contact Luvr) and I will enable your account as a blog author. You will then have access to the same writing tools I use to build this site. The system is very easy and help will be available to those just starting. If you have an existing blog and would like to see your entries here, contact me and I will add the link and use your RSS feed to bring your content here as well.

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Why blog?

The chief reason I invite it is because content grows the site and growing the site is the only way to get more people here instead of reading the pure porn that has nothing to do with the actual lifestyle.

Is Cuckold Marriage going to a pay model?

No, absolutely not. Whenever profit is the motive, decisions, content and options become profit-based and as such, soon diverge from what’s in the best interest of couples and individuals interested in learning something substantial about the lifestyle.

Privacy Policy

I collect no information about members other than what they provide in registration. Registrations are used simply and solely to keep the site secure from bots and drive-by, vanilla surfers who have no business in our community. I have never and will never provide member information to any other party.

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