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      I thought I’d write about my journey. I will put down how it all started and then see if there is interest.

      So going back to the beginning I started to see this girl who was absolutely stunning. I felt so lucky to be associated with her as I was defiantly punching above my weight. Whenever we went out you could see guys look at her. She was slim but had 34E breasts, a tiny waist and she wore tight tops so her large boobs were always the focus of attention.

      There was something I was uncomfortable with and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s hard to explain but whenever we were out she knew loads of men, and she just seemed to love the attention. It’s really hard to explain, I wasn’t being jealous, I just felt she was hooking men in and that in more than a few cases these guys we bumped into May have been more than just casual friends at some point. Like I say it is hard to explain, but I had a sixth sense going on.

      Then when I rang her ( pre mobile phone days ) she was often out and when we discussed what she had been doing over the nights we were not together she was vague.

      Anyway I was lucky to have her, I often thought it might be me being weird and so just carried on with the relationship.

      Then one week she was going out with work colleagues ( again ) and I said that it’s weird she is always out with them, but she wasn’t annoyed with my approach and said I should come along on this occasion.

      This I did and so picked her up from her home and drove us to meet her work colleagues. A couple of the company offices were meeting in one location and as we got there, there were her two office girlfriend along with maybe 20 guys, only a couple I knew.

      I wasn’t drinking but they were and you could just see straight away their hunger for her. She had a short skirt on, heels and a tight top on that showed her huge tits and these guys were all over her. She left me alone and played the crowd and you could see sexual tension as the guys flirted with her and although I could never had approached her about it, you could tell her open stance and touchy feely ways were leading these guys on.

      At one point a couple of guys mentioned her huge boobs and were being quite rude, but she just jutted them out, enjoyed the attention and carried on flirting.

      Then she stood by the big boss. She was about 20 feet away from me and he just stroked her bottom and I froze. She just stood there as he carried on stroking her bottom and she just allowed it. He stood talking to her for five minutes and his hand didn’t move from her lovely ass.

      I just felt she was like a piece of meat, or a whore who was looking for a customer, she had had a few drinks and she was playing with these guys and she was responding. I just stood at the back and watched as I just didn’t know what to say.

      Apart from the hand on her ass it was all chemistry and flirting that you couldn’t really challenge her about. I knew if I said anything she could defend her behaviour so I didn’t say anything. I was also conscious of not saying anything as I did challenge her before on a situation like this and she just talked her way out of it saying that the guys were being friendly.

      Then we moved to a restaurant and she was moving between tables constantly, she was sitting on these guys laps and with one guy her boobs were resting on his face. You could just see the hunger on these guys faces as she was being passed around and they all wanted her to sit on their laps and touch her. The more drink they consumed the more daring they became. She had hardly drank anything so she couldn’t blame the drink, she just loved the attention she was getting and she was like a lap dancer playing with their customers. She literally had all these guys after her and she was clearly behaving differently to the other few girls that were there.

      I was so u comfortable as the guys ignored me, they were just hot for her and the sexual tension was just on another level.

      It got late and I needed to go as I had a big day the next day, so I said we should go. But then when I suggested this she told the guys that I thought we should go and there was uproar as they all suggested she stays and I go. The big boss said “ you go as we want xxxxx back at the hotel for more drinks, we need to discuss business” and they laughed as they all knew what she was wanted back at the hotel for. All these guys had booked rooms and that was on my mind as soon as I thought she might stay with them.

      In the end I left the restaurant and left her to the guys. I walked to the car and was wondering how she would be behaving without me there if that is how she behaved in front of me. She had no thought for me, just on her needs and the attention she was getting from all these men.

      I went home and I was shaking at the thought as to what would be happening. I went to bed wondering if she was going to get home that night or if she would be staying with these guys. As we didn’t live together at that point I had no idea when she would get home. I tried to convince myself that nothing would happen and it was just harmless fun, but after being with her for over 20 years now and know much more about her I now understand she would have got fucked that night. The only question I have that she hasn’t answers was was it by one guy or several of them ?

      This was the start of me being cuckolded, I never knew the term at the time and didn’t truly realise what I was in for

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      Yes for my first time as a cuckold was over 40 years ago. I did not know I was a cuckold, but sure loved the feeling.

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      It is an amazing feeling to be a cuckold, having such an attractive wife must have given you so many opportunities, I hope you’ve been able to enjoy it to the full since.

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      It sound’s so wonderful,especially now that abortion in illegal,meaning wives must have their boyfriends baby’s every time,t0 make it a cuckold’s dream,especially at the wedding,with her boyfriend fucking her every minute on their wedding night,to get her pregnant for cuck hubby.
      It will be unbelievably/insanely so exciting,to tell your teenage kids,that mommy wants a baby with her boyfriend,and that they will be spending a week on holiday,to make it happen so wonderfully.
      My wife was incredibly pregnant,just seven days after our wedding,when our friend next door in our new flat,after drinks/strip poker,ca=me in her,either four or five times,between catnaps on that amazing first night,after we previously got back in the morning before,from our honeymoon.
      We also had two other baby’s from our best friend’s,in the following years,to make me feel so proud now.

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