How to get yourself entirely banned from the site and potentially your friends as well:

Today I find a message from someone who is now a former member of the site. I say former because I banned them from chat some time ago, but allowed them to remain on the site and interact with members in other ways.

Today, I see this:

Loosing people? Isn’t that what a bull is for?

First of all, I don’t respond well to threats and secondly, I have a very full head of hair, so fuck off.

Last, but not least, this individual (who is very unlikely to actually be the couple they portray themselves as) is now entirely banned from the site. They cannot even load the front page.

Should they find a way back to the site and I figure out who it is: banned again.

Should I find out another member is aware of them having joined again by some means and doesn’t tell me – they’ll also banned.

I will not tolerate anyone who threatens members or anyone who tolerates those who do.