Slowly, but surely, cuckolding themes are finding their way into more mainstream content.

Billions is a Showtime series now in its third season which is focused on the conflict between a billionaire hedge fund manager and a U.S. Attorney with strong, political ambitions.I’ve enjoyed the show a lot and early on there were scenes of BDSM related to the main character who, as you can see, has a wife way out of his league in terms of attractiveness. This, of course, is prime cuckolding territory, right?

Being the shrink she is (sorry, mental health professional), his wife understands and even embraces his need for an outlet via overt expressions of submission involving her as his Domme, but also with the inclusion of some professionals on occasion.

As it would so happen, his professional but hot wife happens to work for and have a close, non-intimate relationship with the subject of his wrath, the hedge fund guy. Sets the stage nicely for his cuckolding, doesn’t it? Ah, but no, their relationship isn’t like that.


Rather than be a spoiler by adding detail to why this scene is particularly interesting regarding cuckolding, I’ll just say that if you watch season two, where they experience a separation,  a better perspective about the context of this scene will become evident.

If she seems familiar it’s because she had roles in Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy.