Oral Training


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For many women, the idea of orally pleasuring a man’s cock and balls is thought of as a chore or at least a privilege seldom performed. One reason for that is that oral pleasure is a form of worship – something done only for a male who inspires raw lust. Many wives have very little or even no experience pleasuring the male organ with lips, tongue and throat. Most women have no desire to provide pleasure with their mouth to men they consider a peer, let alone a male they don’t even consider a peer.


This leaves those of us who date wives with the task of teaching a hotwife how to handle a cock and pleasure it in the manner we prefer. Many wives aren’t even proficient at opening the pants and making the male available for pleasuring. Once this simple skill is mastered, the hotwife’s oral skills can be practiced and tested in many more venues, private and semi-public.


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The only reason her Dom would release his load onto her extended tongue this way is to capture the moment for her husband in order to illustrate the progress his wife has made in her oral training. Ordinarily, he would come comfortably inside her mouth where she could try to ensure she took it all without spilling any.

It’s not unusual to use this training as a token of good-faith with the husband and have the hotwife practice her new skills on the husband. This demonstrates how the wife’s sexual training and exploration can directly benefit the husband in addition to the indirect benefits of loving a hotwife.