An enjoyable cuckolding environment is one where everyone involved receives the maximum benefit. For a cuckold couple with a steady bull or Dom, this means practicing cuckolding together.

In this article, I mainly address the wives who are already in a cuckolding relationship but do not yet include their husband directly as well as those wives who are curious or just starting to experience men outside your marriage with your husband’s encouragement.

!cuckold-witness-wanksIn my view, cuckolding is most effective and enjoyable when practiced as a threesome. This means that for wives who are primarily having random hook-ups with different men or primarily meet their boyfriend away from the home are missing out on some of the best experiences in cuckolding.

Many couples new to the sharing lifestyle are initially very intimidated by the idea of a semi-steady relationship with a man outside the marriage. Emotionally it’s viewed as very risky, but honestly, if it’s that much of a risk, a couple shouldn’t even be thinking about doing this.

The reality is that a steady guy or a small stable of reliable companions for the wife is not only less risky in terms of physical and health safety, but is much more rewarding in terms of an experience. Don’t fear intimacy with your boyfriend – it’s healthy, within limits, and adds tremendously to the experience for everyone involved.

What if the boyfriend isn’t experienced with cuckold couples?

Many couples simply aren’t sure how to broach the topic of including the husband more directly. Most guys get skittish because they’re worried the husband wants inclusion sexually i.e. a threesome or some bi-sexual encounter and/or they are nervous about being watched. Simply knowing what their concerns are is half the battle.

Instead of meeting him out, have him pick you up so he can be introduced to your husband being present. He’ll see for himself that your cuckold has accepted a submissive role with regard to your dating simply by standing there wide-eyed and silent while you melt into your boyfriend’s arms for a long, sensuous kiss. You should, of course, give your husband a kiss goodbye before you leave and immediately reinforce with your boyfriend how sexy it was to kiss him in front of your husband.

During your dates, you should always make a point of discussing your husband and his reactions to your dating; detail how excited your husband gets watching you prepare for your date, for example, or explain how your shared fantasies have led you to this point. The more you discuss the details of this lifestyle with him, the more information he’ll have to work with mentally and be intrigued by.

Enjoying your boyfriend at home…

Next, invite him in for a few minutes before you leave on your date. Let him know beforehand this is what you want and let him know how much it turns you on to kiss him in front of your husband. He may not get it mentally just yet, but he can certainly identify with something that turns you on.

Another suggestion is to invite him for dinner at your place before you go out. This gives you an hour or more to openly discuss the lifestyle and extend the time the three of you are together.


Showering with your boyfriend at home creates an intimate bond that deepens everyone’s experience.

Again, be openly flirtatious and intimate with him with your husband present. It’s suggested you give your cuckold small tasks to perform while you entertain your man. This isn’t just to keep him busy, but to demonstrate that you are the one in control, for now, when your boyfriend is present. Have your cuckold get drinks or hang up your boyfriend’s jacket, for example. When he returns, he should find you on your boyfriend’s lap or snuggled up to him on the couch, your hands playfully stroking the bulge of your boyfriend’s cock.

You will have to be a bit aggressive with an inexperienced guy, even an otherwise dominant one, until he becomes comfortable with the situation and gets his head around it. I know this can be a challenge for many wives unfamiliar with being the aggressor, but simply think of it as a game and force yourself a bit until it becomes a bit more natural. Once your boyfriend matures into a boyfriend, or better still, a Dom, you will no longer be playing that role – except with your cuckold!

Think about calling your husband during your date and let your boyfriend listen as you tease your cuckold with a description of what’s going on.

  • Perhaps you’re in a restaurant still, having dinner, and you tease your husband with the knowledge that your boyfriend’s hand is on your bare thigh, under your skirt, just a couple inches from where he can’t be tonight
  • Call your husband from your boyfriend’s place – just imagine what you could tell him
This all lets your boyfriend understand the dynamics of cuckolding without having to deal with the tension of your husband being there, yet lets him directly see and feel how it turns you on to do it.
Before your next date, have your husband call your boyfriend and ask him what outfit he’d like you to wear for your date. Give your husband several options to mention – either whole outfits or even simply ask if he wants you to wear a skirt or a dress – anything to demonstrate to your boyfriend the authority you want him to have. As you do this more often, he’ll not only know better what clothing you have, but he’ll be much more comfortable being candid about his preferences.

One of your dates could be shopping. As much as men don’t enjoy shopping, they do when it’s for sexy outerwear and lingerie you try on for them while shopping. Yes, it would be humbling for your cuckold to be brought along, but also very erotic for him when he reflects on it and very empowering for your boyfriend. Imagine the stares, the giggles, the jealousy as other women watch you with two men – one obviously your husband and the one you’re most flirtatious with obviously not.

Eventually, picking you up at home and having dinner with you at home will lead to making out at home and going to bed without ever leaving the house. Dating is also still recommended, but sometimes you want to go out…and sometimes you just want to be fucked, don’t you?

package_checkAt first your husband can watch the foreplay, the fondling, even as far as watching you fondle your lover’s cock through his pants or directly in your hands. You can direct him to help remove bits of clothing as your boyfriend wants more access to your body or simply let your cuckold watch as your boyfriend strips you of clothing.

You will have already told your boyfriend that your husband isn’t allowed in the bedroom when he’s there unless you call for him. Combined with previous demonstrations of his obedience to your directions when your boyfriend is present, your boyfriend will feel much less anxious taking you to bed with your husband still in the house.

At this point, you include your husband more by extending the foreplay you enjoy outside the bedroom; get naked for your boyfriend sooner, take foreplay well beyond petting all while your cuckold can be present.

Once this threshold is passed, your boyfriend will be quite comfortable in his position and will begin to enjoy asserting himself with you and your husband and may well be the one to call your husband into the bedroom to witness him entering you. This is particularly true if your boyfriend knows that your husband’s access to you sexually has been limited in preference to him.

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