When using the social features of the site, you may receive an automated email from me notifying you of a message or reply on the site. At the top of the page, in bold letters, it says:


The reason should be self-explanatory, but for those who do reply to the email, it comes to me. I simply delete them not wanting to be involved in anyone’s business. Today I was going through my junkmail folder and found a gem.

Some of the regulars in the chat room may be familiar with some drama we had not long ago where I banned a couple called Molly and gary from the chat. Long story short, I called bullshit on ‘her’ and she doubled down by going on the offense. I felt quite secure in my logic that led me to consider ‘her’ a fraud and I still do, especially in light of the content of the email. I won’t reveal who outed ‘Molly’ by replying to this email and putting this information in my hands, but they are a regular fixture in the chat and will surely recognize this content.

Shame on you for having anything to do with ‘Molly and gary’.

Why do I say that? Here’s the the message sent to the member who replied via email regardless of the clear instruction not to:

Molly & gary sent you a new message: “Re: Molly & gary from Pittsburgh”

“No, you have not ever talked with gary (always lowercase a cuckold’s name!) The bastard ‘Luvr” banned me from the fucking chat room because we refused to comply to his demand to send him a photo of us holding his name, the fucking loser. If you want to continue our discussions and see lots more nigger pics and teen girl pics, then add me on gmail IM: <removed>.


Sounds like the words of a woman, right? The best part of the whole fraud is this is likely two men pretending to be women – to each other. Can’t even make this shit up.

I’m going to leave them able to access the site long enough to read this and appreciate that everyone knows ‘her’ for who ‘she’ is and then I will remove the account entirely.

Perhaps more shocking is the reply to this message, which got sent directly to me, contained no criticism of the offensive words or intent of the message and mainly only continued criticism of me. That’s ok – I’m a big boy and not looking to be their friend anyway, but what I do have is standards of conduct here and anyone who knowingly participates in this sort of bullshit is on my fucking radar.