Many different forms (and levels) of denial are practiced by cuckold couples and often they have little or no idea why they do it and why it seems to be valuable in the cuckold/hotwife experience.

I explain the foundational concepts in detail in Cuckold Denial, an article from 2011, but have touched on it in a few others as well.  Recently a wife approached me through the site with concerns about having started denying her husband sex. As is typical for most couples in this situation, intercourse between them has became a mechanical and brief period where the cuckold is essentially using her sex to masturbate himself.

On one hand, she feels guilty about denying her husband the penetration she offers her dates, but on the other she feels both justified and aroused by doing it and sought affirmation from me on the topic. Their case is a textbook one and I have encouraged her to replace intercourse with other forms of intimacy. They already enjoy some alternative forms of intimacy but I have suggested more visual and verbal teasing in their case and pending feedback on how that is working, I will recommend some ritualized masturbation for her cuckold.

It’s massively important to note the concern she has and give her the credit she is due for seeking guidance on it. A woman concerned about the pleasures of this lifestyle and how they impact her husband is doing the right thing. A wife not worried about it is pursuing her own agenda.

Ritualized masturbation can take several forms:

  • edging: manually teasing the cuckold to maximize desire to spurt without doing so
  • outercourse: humping genitals without penetration
  • proxy intercourse: using a masturbation toy held by the wife as a proxy for her own sex
  • milking: manually stimulating the prostate to force seminal release without ejaculation
  • ruined orgasm: reducing pleasure of orgasm while sustaining desire and erotic focus

Most couples can and should combine several of these methods when replacing the intimacy of intercourse.

For this couple, I am going to recommend a combination of edging, outercourse, and ruined orgasm. Her cuckold is very receptive to being humbled as part of his cuckolding so I am going to encourage a more mechanical approach to his release – when he gets it. Below is a demonstration of a mechanical release where the goal is to treat his release as the opposite of intimate to maximize the humility of the act for the cuckold while maximizing empowerment for the hotwife.

Slapping the final drops out of his balls is a nice touch.

Unlike the couple in question, the husband featured in the video has a more substantial penis. I want to stress how much more effective such treatment of such a penis is in cases where the cuckold is adequately or more than adequately hung. To take a penis which is otherwise perfectly suited to coupling and treat it as anything but is even more rewarding for a couple than when it’s a small and otherwise ineffective organ for sex. Of course this does depend on the wife actively dating so she’s not giving up the rewards of coupling to enjoy the rewards of denial with her husband.

Counter to common belief, denial is not defined as enforced chastity, but can certainly include it.

Denial, like much of everything else in this lifestyle, is widely variable from couple to couple. Even within a couple, practice of the forms of denial, the terms and duration of them should be varied depending on the realities of day to day life, the frequency of her dating and how receptive/responsive the cuckold is to expressing his submission through accepting forms of denial. Denial, it its most basic form, can be as simple as not having intercourse the night before a scheduled date – something every practicing couple should adhere to as a minimum.

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