Your wife and her lover deserve the most precious gift: commitment.

The Gift

This Christmas, consider a gift of commitment for her lover; Christmas shopping will never be more fun!

There are many ways to express commitment, but possibly the most meaningful and rewarding is  to make your wife the gift by openly committing, as a couple, to sexual exclusivity between your wife and her lover.


Many cuckold couples find themselves flirting with this idea in practice already. Many find that though no open arrangement has been made, the husband’s opportunities for intercourse largely diminish as the lover’s role takes shape in your marriage. Even for couples where exclusivity is more or less in effect, the commitment is not there until such arrangements are openly recognized between husband, wife and lover.

Gain Perspective

Even for couples still actively enjoying intercourse, a gift of 30 or 60 days of sexual commitment can be an incredible experience for you both and offer new perspectives into your marriage and your lifestyle.

How To Give

If you have an involved relationship with her lover, one where the three of you are often or at least periodically together, then you could easily giftwrap her sex in a bow and offer this gift yourself; this would be the most meaningful and enjoyable way to make such a gift for everyone involved. If your relationship is not to that level, you could help her pick out such an outfit for her to wear to see him or perhaps to change into at his place where she can then offer your gift and explain that once the bow is untied, the gift is considered given and the contract begins.