Maria & Martin: An Exemplary Cuckold Marriage

Maria has been the author of an online diary for some years now. It has gone offline several times for a year or more, but I have continued to check it every few months because the domain still responded even though no content was currently posted. Yesterday, I find it’s back!

Let me back up for a moment and tell you why this is good news. Maria and her husband define what cuckolding as a couple should be. Both are professional, accomplished individuals in their own right who first recognized and then capitalized on Maria’s raw sexual appeal to simultaneously produce a deeply cuckolded husband and an extroverted, cock-hungry slut wife.

Their journey has gone remarkably well and progressed very deeply over the last few years and I firmly believe in the veracity of their story. Some call it into question merely because it’s so erotic or because it’s well-written and aesthetically presented; but I did mention they are both accomplished professionals, right?

Maria dresses for work like this for her own pleasure, but even more so for the emotional torment of her cuckold.

Martin Nurtures A Blossom

As with many cuckold marriages, it was the fantasies and urges of her husband which started them on this path. As with many marriages which turn to cuckolding, Martin first brought out the exhibitionist in Maria by encouraging her to wear ever sexier clothing first for special events out and then every day to work where he reveled in the cockteasing she perpetrated simply by being seen.

He was, of course, completely correct in his assertion that Maria’s body should be decorated rather than simply dressed. Her curves, swells and hollows are all in seemingly perfect proportion and form an orchestra of male arousal.

In my previous diary entry I described how my husband Martin gradually coaxed me into wearing sexy clothing and underwear, eventually persuading me to go out in public wearing very short skirts, stockings, high heels and even fetish underwear. Despite my initial reluctance each time Martin chose or bought something even more daring to wear, once out in public I became highly turned on by the experience, so much so that I now genuinely get a sexual kick from exciting men who ogle me, whether I know them or not.

I have not only seen this form of progression by other submissive husbands, but have used the same process myself when dating a wife. So many women have so much untapped potential it’s dizzying.

Roles Reverse

As Maria’s new persona began to emerge, power came with it. This is when the scales began to tip and Maria began to discover and then revel in the new authority her sex appeal with not just her husband, but more so with other men, gave her over the very man who began it all. Martin soon introduced subtle and then not-so-subtle forms of D/s play where she would playfully ridicule him for his ‘perverted’ interests and even began to physically punish him lightly during their play.

This verbal chastisement eventually became physical as well. Martin asked me to punish him for his failings, and I had to put him across my knee and spank him. Once again I couldn’t handle this at all at first. Not only did I find it embarrassing, but unless you’re a born sadist it’s not easy to deliberately inflict pain on someone you love, even when they’ve asked you to do it and it’s just for sexual pleasure. So, my first efforts were very timid – light slaps on Martin’s bottom which did nothing for him and which looked silly on video.

This, too, falls directly in line with couples progressing into this lifestyle. It’s very common for the wife to feel intensely guilty both about what she’s doing, even though he enjoys it, as well as guilt that she enjoys it, too, somehow. What enabled Martin to enjoy her teasing, taunting, ridicule and punishment is the certainly of her love for him. This same certainly was the only thing that enabled Maria to take those first steps toward realizing her sexual potential. It takes most wives some time to understand that ‘abusing’ their husband as an extension of their lifestyle isn’t at all the same as ‘abusing’ him out of disrespect or a lack of love. One is done out of love and intimacy as an expression of their relationship and the other is done devoid of those things.

Sex Toy For (other) Men

Her sex filled with a dildo, Maria offers her bottom to her lover for caning.

Another aspect I’ve seen in many cuckold couples as the wife learns a more dominant role within the marriage is a desire within her to also submit. Typically with couples I’ve known myself, she has already started submitting for me, but I can always tell when she reaches that point of self-discovery and has gotten her head around the idea of being dominant with her husband because I can feel a quantitative and qualitative shift in her own desire to submit. This is a beautiful time where the true dynamics of a cuckold marriage come to fruition. As I dominate her in front of her husband, his submission deepens toward her and that, in turn drives her to submit deeper to me to reward her feeling of dominance over her husband. Should I directly dominate the husband, the wife’s feelings of dominance over him and submission toward me are also both amplified.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

I would dream of playing the submissive role for once – kneeling before a tall, athletic man and taking his huge, erect prick into my mouth, or being put across his knee and squirming helplessly as he spanks the tight leather stretched across my backside.

All cuckold husbands should be required to not only attend their wife’s date preparation, but also play an integral role.

I purposely chose the above image to share with you all to not only demonstrate that she has already learned the erotic appeal of having her husband attend to her while she prepares for a date, but to demonstrate her physical beauty as well. Maria has a body which, bu law of nature, entitles her to her choice of cocks to pleasure her: this is what nature intended. Maria was built for sex; everything about her is designed to attract and stiffen the male sex organ in anticipation for an opportunity to be inside her. I know it sounds so ‘primitive’ but our base responses are just that.

Perspective & Value

Worn to recruit a lover to actively cuckold her husband.

Her beauty and sex appeal is also what makes Martin’s cuckolding so painfully erotic for him and a more palpable sacrifice when you understand that he has now been denied many of of the pleasures her body offers, including the most intimate: intercourse. Maria has cut off Martin some years ago having decided that his penis is inadequate for her needs and his submissive role no longer permits him to have rights as her lover. Now Martin has to view this beautiful female form, which should only be his, and be reminded that he is now virtually the only one who cannot be inside her.

Maria, one thing I’m most pleased to read in your current diary is that you’ve finally found a man who has a keen interest in properly cuckolding your husband, Martin. The true pleasure in your taking another man’s cock, as you know, is the dynamic it creates for you and your cuckold. There is no greater pleasure for a wife, her cuckold or the wife’s partner than to actively include the cuckold to exercise his sense of submission and sacrifice.

Lovers & whipping boys

Whether a male within her presence becomes a lover or whipping boy depends two factors: perception and value. This is always true of any relationship, but much more apparent in one like Maria’s relationships. Maria’s boyfriend, Matt, has been very understanding of his girlfriend’s need for cock and hasn’t stood in the way of her pursuing it with other men. This has recently led to her discovery of a man who is much more eager to openly cuckold Martin in the fashion which I enjoy doing. In the process, Maria has begun to ‘cuckold’ her boyfriend, Matt, in a manner of speaking, but that cuckolding will never rise to the level of Martin’s because Maria also values her submission to Matt and pushes his buttons with a semi-cuckolding experience to ensure she will be properly disciplined by Matt. At least that’s how it looks for now…

For men with less history with Maria than Matt, the potential for their status as lover to become whipping boy is much more acute. Maria’s obvious erotic appeal makes it much more likely that a lover will still find enough value in being her whipping boy as to relent and be turned to the role she desires for him rather than turn his back on her completely.

I have discussed but a handful of points which match completely with my experiences over the last decade with cuckold and submissive couples and I want you all to read and absorb their journey and to reflect on how their experiences reflect your needs and desires. I have created a discussion forum in the message board for discussion of this diary – please direct your comments and questions there.