Author: Luvr

tightknots: A New Prospect

The Odyssey Continues Back in May I brought you all the last update on k and J. They had a fiery fling over some months, but the great sex and corresponding cuckolding of h weren’t enough to overcome the reality that J was never going to embrace their lifestyle and take the role they would need him to, so, like any responsible cuckoldress, k let him go despite truly loving how his cock felt inside her. Over the following months k has been focusing more on her studies and less on finding a replacement for J. Also during this...

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verified: enjoynlife

Though still an aspiring couple, enjoynlife can also now be considered a verified couple. My understanding is this has been a topic between them for a couple of years now and she sometimes joins her husband in chatting in the site’s chat room. Not that many aspiring couples get verified, so this is an obvious feather in their cap, so to speak. Not all couples will make the transition to hotwife/cuckold, but just being able to openly share and consider the potential is something any couple can be proud of....

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fuckdollMel: To Be Enjoyed

Welcome to the third update on fuckdollMel and her husband, cuckold4Mel. Need to get caught up? Verified In Training Two-date Week Let’s start off with a fresh look at my fuckdoll… Guys, are your pants are getting a bit tighter? Owning Mel remotely as I do is certainly rewarding, but as you might imagine, having daily access to exercise her myself would be far more rewarding. Other than not being on birth control right now, I can’t imagine any reason I wouldn’t keep her topped off with my semen on a daily basis. Alas, that is unlikely to...

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