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I’m sorry my blogging stopped for 10 months. My honest plan was to tell our story, in order, so others can understand (just got interrupted! again tonight)….   :54 sec video: (low light but I love hearing her voice) :54 sec. video: (again low light but I love hearing her voice while he fucks her) (an hour later)  Now I understand what happened to my blogging all those months ago.  Things got very hot, very quick, between them and our play got much more “daring”.  I was writing only while my wife and her lover were fucking but...

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Blythe; meeting and first time

I met Blythe at a new job where I was actually a new supervisor.  She was very pretty and really stood out from all the other girls by her beautiful thick, long, curly red hair, her very pretty pale face, doe eyes, and the way she dressed. She dressed in an understated but sexy way. Skirts, tight sweaters, girly clothes – I liked that! We’d flirt, brush up against each other and I’d enhale her lusty scent that I can still smell to this day.  As I posted in the last entry, when we met we were both seeing other people. I can recall a day where I was standing near her when a married couple (we were 23, they were maybe 40), asked her out!  They were completely open that they both were sexually attracted to her and both of them wanted to be with her.  This was a huge turn-on, seeing her approached like this.  She didn’t take them up on the offer though. The first night Blythe & I were together, we spent the night in a hotel were we could be uninterrupted, and had plenty of time together.  It was mind-blowing.  I had never had such a fantastic blowjob in my entire life.  I got lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out!  I could believe this girl was even more sexual than my...

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A few “fucks” in between…

Of course there were a few girls in between.  One was a really good friend at college where one night we got nude to sleep (drunk) together but fucked.  The sex wasn’t even good and it was very weird to have just fucked a good friend. Another was a co-worker who we hooked up at a party, went back to my parents basement and I fucked her like the slut she truly was.  Interesting thing about this girl was she had a great little tight body but not a great face.  It was the classic syndrome for her where she fucked like a slut to make up for her average face.  I actually liked her, was into her body, and respected her.  She wanted to “date” but I didn’t want that with her.  It was odd but even at that age I understood why she used sex to get close to guys and in a way respected her ability to so freely get nude and fuck; giving whatever you wanted of her.  Maybe it was a submissive thing but I recall her allowing me to just enjoy her body as I wanted.  I recall stripping her and wanted her complelty nude very quickly so I pulled off all her cloths and was really enjoying her tiny tone body.  Even the sex was however I (and probably dozens of other...

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The second serious girlfriend

This is the girlfriend I dated but was still fucking the first girlfriend.  This girl was a virgin and not ready for almost a year.  That was fine with me as I was (secretly) getting sex from GF #1.  When we did finally start having sex, it was never as creative as GF #1.  I guess it was always “Vanilla”. This was due to he age, her being very inexperienced, and as I recall, her being self conscious about having sex before marriage.  We loved each other and dated for years. So, why mention her in these posts?  Well,...

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The first “real” girlfriend

When I was a few weeks shy of my 16th birthday I lost my virginity to my first “real” girlfriend. She was an athletic, very feisty redhead. We’d fuck every day, maybe a few times if we had a place.  The place was usually my parents basement, my bedroom, her parents basement or more often her basement bathroom floor.  We’d always fuck bare, me usually cumming in her mouth or on her back.  For a first girlfriend we were pretty creative in that we fucked in different positions, she’d swallow all the time, and was the best kisser of...

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